GTR Tyre

GTR conducted a series of 14 Tractor Mechanic Programs all over Pakistan. A large number of selected/potential tractor mechanics attended these scheduled programs and appreciated the efforts taken by the company. 

The basic idea of this exercise was two-fold, to educate tractor mechanics about GTR product features/benefits and to create awareness about the change in the brand name so that the trust in GTR products remains there. 

They were also informed through this platform that GTR tractor tyres are the most selling tyres because of their durability, reliability and performance whether its off the field or on the field and this is simply because it has over 55 years of experience of manufacturing tyres and are the leaders in this field. It was also communicated to them that there is a misconception about the mounting of bigger size tyre ignoring the tractor manufacturer's recommendation which not only disturb the fuel economy but also damage the suspension. 

-Published in October-2022 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine