Sunday, January 17, 2021


Education System Needs Attention

Education is responsibility of Ministry of Education and the provincial governments. Article 25-A of the constitution says the state will provide free and compulsory...

New Auto Policy and the Role of EDB

PML government has seriously decided to form a new Auto Industry Policy for which Ministry of Industries & Production is ordered to do its...

New Auto Industry Development Policy

Ministry of Industries started consulting stakeholders on Auto Industry Development Policy (2013-2018) about eight months ago. Several consultative meetings have been held where ideas...

Failure of government policies

The government's policy regarding CNG has proved a total failure. Neither consumers, nor the dealers are satisfied with it. Long queues of vehicles at...

Power & Gas problems

Power is the life-line of industry. Needless to say, without regular and trouble free power supply no industry can run satisfactorily. But unfortunately that...

CNG prices and collapse of public transport system

People in the Country rightly greeted Supreme Court on slashing of the CNG prices. This is only institution with which people have high expectations....

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United Alpha 1000cc Car United Alpha 1000cc Car

KUMHO TIRE is proud to announce its OE Partners

KUMHO TIRE is proud to announce its OE Partners For more details click here -Advertisement published on the back cover page of the December-2020 edition...

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United Alpha Car unveils in Lahore

United Alpha Car unveils in Lahore

December-2020 Edition – MOBILE WORLD Magazine

December-2020 Edition - MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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