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About MOBILE WORLD, as a journal covering auto and its allied sectors in the whole of Pakistan, has proved its worth during the past 21 years by covering not only the local and international automobile and road transport but the other related fields and activities of trade and industry.

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It has attracted a broad circle of readership not only within but also outside the country too in a very short span of time due to its informative reports, news analysis, investigative stories, exclusive statistics, and technical data, which won the laurels from industry executives, analysts, students, and experts alike. That’s why its readers call MOBILE WORLD the first and the only distinguished magazine of its kind. They find it an appropriate medium for achieving the desired results of their campaigns.

It is a matter of pride to say that this journal has an edge on many of the publications and provides a good opportunity for projection of the industry in Pakistan. That’s why a great number of its valued readers not only passionately wait for its latest issues but also keenly maintain and observe proper record of back issues of MOBILE WORLD and use it as a reference towards their day to day requirements and future corporate planning. This is the publication, which is meant for its readers and patrons who are its most important asset.

Its readers include business leaders and houses dealing in manufacturing, buying, and selling in the world of automobiles and allied industries. Its wide canvas has not been open to cars, trucks, buses, auto-rickshaws, motorbikes, ships, aircraft, but also to the tire world, electronics, light and heavy machinery, avionics, space technology, cellular phones, armaments, and other defense technologies.

So much has been written in the print media about the auto-industry but ‘MOBILE WORLD’ always aimed to provide facts and figures to its interested readers to clear the deck in regards to the vital role being played by the auto-industry in building up high technology and mobile transport in the country. The auto industry, no doubt, has made a major contribution to the economic development and well-being of the people of the country. All along it has played a key and ever-increasing role in making enormous financial investments, transferring the technology, and providing the latest excellent quality vehicles to its consumers throughout Pakistan.

The ‘MOBILE WORLD’ has a firm belief that it must maintain a balance and integrity in which the news is not slanted or tilted. Freedom of the press does not imply a license to print anything and everything, they like. It does not only give an account of an event or innovation but it also gives the reader an insight as to what it thinks good for them.

Its strength lies in its specialists who have vast knowledge and technical know-how of the industry, who do not merely conduct armchair analysis but pay visits to plants and premises of the related industries, have an interview and give maximum projection to the new products.

The readers of ‘MOBILE WORLD’ not only find selected coverage of the auto-related industry, aviation, shipping, petroleum, but other sectors as well, such as socio-economic and civic problems also find space in its columns, on regular basis. Its patrons have been assisted with insight on various sectors, which obviously were the consumers and had the resources to pay for the product they want from the market.

This is a journal that keeps an eye on the events taking place in the universe, trailing the news from the port city of Karachi, provides the vantage point, which is the hub of trade in Pakistan. It also follows the news and views from Karachi to Khyber, thus covering the whole of the country.

It is an effort to boost the confidence and raise the spirit of those in such industries and to enlighten and strengthen their faith and equip them with the knowledge for their full participation in the trade.

The ‘MOBILE WORLD’ is here to give vent and to introduce new thoughts, by projecting them in the print media, a new culture, and enables them to share opportunities to augment the industry in the country. It has complete faith and confidence in the potential and unlimited determination of those involved and hopes that the country would usher in new vistas to achieve its mission to develop the industrial sector, in the backdrop of its professional management and engineering sectors.

It wants to translate the innovative developments in the latest technology into lucrative benefits to all and its endeavors are to make an extraordinary impact on top decision-makers, investors, and opinion leaders throughout the country.

It is the earnest hope of ‘MOBILE WORLD’ that armed with new knowledge and powerful tools derived from such fields e.g. advanced technology and nurtured by a free-market system that encourages innovations, the automobile industry would make longer-lasting vehicles against all odds.

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