ECODOST by Nova Mobility (Pvt) Limited


ECODOST by Nova Mobility (Pvt) Limited.
Ecodost is a revolutionary 3-wheel electric vehicle with multiple applications such as goods transportation, dumping/ tipping, waste management, public transportation, store on wheels and so much more! It offers higher savings, lower operating expenses, comfortable distribution solutions, and a safer and smoother ride while offering maximum cargo space utilization.

ECODOST by Nova Mobility (Pvt) Limited
Mr. Mark Stroh the United States, Consul General in Karachi was the chief guest at the launching ceremony of ECODOST Electric Cargo Loader, the ceremony was held in Karachi.

Ecodost, our pioneering venture is the introduction of a 3 Wheeler Electric Vehicle with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for the First time in Pakistan. With compact dimensions of 3 meters in length, 1.4 meters in width, and 1.7 meters in height, and with each battery weighing only 17 kg, Ecodost provides strong competition to gasoline cargo loaders in the MINI-VAN segment and functions as a DELIVERY VAN with “MINIMAL CHARGING REQUIRED”.

food cartIt has a modular battery system that can work with 2, 3, or 4 batteries which can be EASILY CHARGED in just over 2.5 hours with a plug-and-play wall charger, either inside or outside the vehicle.

ECODOST has a maximum rated payload of 600 kg. The model has a premium but simple design and can be easily configured according to the customer’s business requirements and applications. It can potentially replace an existing gasoline-based fleet of vehicles, especially in transporting urban goods as while fully charged and carrying a 500kg payload it can cover an 80km range with a maximum speed of 50km/h (*conditions apply).

cargo loaderIt can move on narrow roads and places where most conventional vans are unable to do so and this makes it an ideal electric vehicle for urban environments. It has a per-mile cost of less than Rs3/km (less than a third of an equivalent fossil-fuel vehicle) and then there is no need to track fuel consumption as each battery consumes 2kwh consistently per full charge.

ECODOST does not emit any noise or harmful tailpipe emissions, due to the electric drive-train which allows it to be environmentally friendly. Its battery can last up to 6 YEARS at full capacity and even after that continues to operate at a reduced capacity for the same period. It has substantially fewer moving parts than a fossil fuel vehicle which allows for much lower maintenance and replacement costs (no filter, engine oil, or clutch plate!) and much longer mechanical life.

electric rickshaw It has Speedy Payback of around Rs.700,000. Assuming a fuel price of 209.86 Rs/Litre and a commercial electricity rate of Rs.36/kWh with 500kg payload, ECODOST can cover 60-80km at full charge with a monthly operating cost of around PKR 10,000. Compared to a standard 3-wheel gasoline loader which retails for around PKR 280,000 with a monthly operating cost of around PKR 39,138/- this would give a payback on additional investment in a maximum of 11.96 months. Instead of a 4-wheel LTV, you can purchase 2 ECODOST for the same cost, giving you both the operational savings and DOUBLE the performance!

Nova Mobility has set up a production facility for the assembly of electric vehicles and is offering cost-effective and efficient solutions for your transportation needs! The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Novatex Limited (part of the G&T Group) and aims to be a Market Leader in offering complete E mobility solutions. Nova Mobility offers an end-to-end solution for the use of its product, which includes but is not limited to a clean energy generation system, installation of charging infrastructure, and 24/7 after-sales services & support

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