People’s Bus Service launching soon


Sindh Mass Transit Authority, the Government of Sindh is committed to providing the people of Karachi a comfortable, convenient & affordable journey experience. People’s Bus Service launching after 3 days will improve mobility, and livelihood, connect families and also provide jobs.

Fully air-conditioned buses feature state-of-the-art amenities including free Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras, fire-fighting systems, emergency exits, bus stop buttons, & automatic doors.

The Service will provide modern & comfortable transport facilities to the citizens and will save them from the old and dilapidated transport.

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As per JICA’s Person Trip Study, 2005, Karachi’s public transport makes up only 4.5% of the total vehicle fleet but serves about 42% of the passenger demand, and yet it does not have dedicated lanes or any other feasible traffic management solution.

149 routes were operational in the city of Karachi and by the year 2020, these numbers have reduced to 76 routes primarily because of the introduction of illegal public transport at a massive level.

The Sindh Mass Transit Authority (SMTA), T&MD, and GoS have planned to induct public transport buses of decent quality and operators on competitive intra-city routes. The project has been named as “Sindh Intra-District Peoples Bus Service Project”. In the 1st phase of the project, 50 buses will operate in the city of Karachi. These buses will initially operate on Route 1 (29.5 KMs – Model Colony to Tower) and Route 3 (33 KMs – Nagan chowrangi to Singer Chowrangi) in Karachi. 1 depot will be prepared at U.P MORR (6.7 Acres) at the start of the operation. In the 2nd Phase; 200 buses will operate on 6 routes in Karachi and 1 route (10.3 km) in Larkana. The proposed integrated bus operations model will offer high-quality bus transport services in these cities and shall meet the demand for urban transport and contribute to the development of a sustainable transport system.