The List of Companies that no longer Produce Motorcycles in Pakistan


The list of companies and their brands that no longer produce motorcycles in Pakistan from the year 2008 to 2022.

Source: MOBILE WORLD Magazine

S# Name of Assemblers Brands Products City
1 A B Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Laser 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
100cc Motorcycle
125cc Motorcycle
2 Ahmed Automobile Safari SD-70, 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
SD-100, 100cc Motorcycle
3 AI-Automobile Auto Industry (Pvt) Limited AAN 70cc Motorcycle Hub Balochistan
4 Al-Mehran Auto Industry Mehran Super Drive SD-70, 70cc Motorcycle Hyderabad
5 Bahawalpur Motors Ltd BML BM-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
BM-100, 100cc Motorcycle
6 Blue Star Automobiles Blue Star Star BS-50, 50cc Motorcycle Lahore
BS-70, 70cc Motorcycle
BS-100, 100cc Motorcycle
BS-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
7 Dewan Automotive Engineering Limited Star DL-70 70cc Motorcycle Hub Balochistan
8 Eagle Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Eagle DG-70, 70cc Motorcycle Mirpur, AJK
DG-100, 100cc Motorcycle
DG-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
DG-125, 125cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
9 Fateh Motors Ltd. Hero RF-70, 70cc Motorcycle Hyderabad
RF-125, 125cc Motorcycle
AR-100 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
Splender-70, 70cc Motorcycle
Prince-125, 125cc Motorcycle
Plus-90, 90cc Motorcycle
Splender-100, 100cc Motorcycle
10 Habib Motorcycles (Pvt) Ltd. Habib HB-70, 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
HB-125, 125cc Motorcycle
HB-100, 100cc Motorcycle
11 Karakoram Motors (Pvt) Ltd Raftar KM-50, 50cc Motorcycle Karachi
KM-70, 70cc Motorcycle
12 Metro Hi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd Metro MR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Gujrat
MR-125, 125cc Motorcycle
13 Mian Auto Industries Hunza HA-70, 70cc Motorcycle Sadiqabad
HA-100, 100cc Motorcycle
14 Osaka Corporation Osaka AF-70, 70cc Motorcycle Peshawar
AF-125, 125cc Motorcycle
AF-125, 125cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
AF-100, 100cc Motorcycle
15 Pak Star Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd Pak Star PS-70, 70cc Motorcycle Swat
16 Rafiq Engineering Industries Royal RL-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
17 S.S. Auto Industry Diamond SD-70, 70cc Motorcycle Kotri
18 Sitara Auto Impex Sitara Guangta GT-70, 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
ST-100, 100cc Motorcycle
ST-125, 125cc Motorcycle
ST-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
19 Star Asia Star Asia SA-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
20 Suleman Auto Industries Geo SI-70 70cc Motorcycle Murdke
21 New Allied Motors (Pvt) Ltd. Guru DG-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
22 Sazgar Engineering Works Ltd. Sazgar SD-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
23 Stahlco Motors (Pvt) Ltd. Stahlco ST-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
ST-125, 125cc Motorcycle
ST-100, 100cc Motorcycle
24 SKM Limited SKM G7T 70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
GTO-100, 100cc Motorcycle
GTO-125, 125cc Motorcycle
25 Aiwa Industries Aiwa CR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Faisalabad
26 H.O. Industries Sakai 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
27 Shaheen Star Auto Industries ShaheenStar 70cc Motorcycle Multan
28 City Engineering Company CitySuper CT-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
29 AM Automobiles UniPak AU-70, 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
30 Babar Auto Trading & Manufacturing Co. AsiaHero AH-70, 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
31 Jamal Automobile Industry SuperSpeed SS-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
SS-110, 110cc Motorcycle
SS-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
32 Buraq Motor Co. Buraq BR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
33 Pak Style Industries Pak Style PS-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
PS-125, 125cc Motorcycle
34 Sonica Auto Ind. (Pvt) Ltd. Sonica SM-70 70cc Motorcycle Gujranwala
SM-100 100cc Motorcycle
35 Master Motorcycles  (Pvt) Ltd. Master MD-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
MD-125cc Motorcycle
MD-100, 90cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
36 Excel Industries Excel XL-70 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
37 Raja Autocars Ltd. Hawk RH-70, 70cc Motorcycle Mirpur, AJK
38 Parhiyar Automobile Aerolite AE-70, 70cc Motorcycle Sanghar
AE-100, 100cc Motorcycle
PA-175 4-stroke 175cc Auto Rickshaw
PA-200 4-stroke 200cc Auto Rickshaw
39 Rachna Automobiles (Pvt) Limited. Sky Wing SW-70, 70cc Motorcycle Wazirabad
40 A.K Auto Industries Captain CP-70, 70cc Motorcycle Hyderabad
41 Awami Auto Industry Rockey AR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Gujranwala
AR-100, 100cc Motorcycle
42 Tareen Associates Super Shahbaz TA-70, 70cc Motorcycle Hyderabad
43 Sameer Motor Industries Champion 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
44 S.T. International ST 70cc Motorcycle Multan
45 Jan Auto Industry Jan Power JP-70, 70cc Motorcycle Bhawalpur
46 Continental Automotive Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Challenger BA -70, 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
47 King Hero Auto Industry (Pvt) Ltd. King Rider KR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Mirpur, AJK
KR-100, 100cc Motorcycle
48 Tayyab Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd. Josh 70cc Motorcycle Gujrat
49 AA Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd., Laser 70cc Motorcycle Karachi
50 Long Life Automotive Industry Long Life LA-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
51 Pak Hero Industries Pak Hero PH-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
PH-100, 100cc Motorcycle
PH-125, 125cc Motorcycle
PH-100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
PH-125cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
52 AL-Hameed Auto Industry Super Hero RC-70, 70cc Motorcycle Faisalabad
RC-100, 100cc Motorcycle
53 Dawood Hi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd. DHL DH-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
54 S.M Automobile Industries Hi-Deluxe CB-70, 70cc Motorcycle Hyderabad
55 Shah Zes Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. Shahcar SC-70, 70cc Motorcycle Haripur
SC-100, 100cc Motorcycle
56 Welcome Crown Auto Industries Reborn HC-70, 70cc Motorcycle Burewala
57 Imperial Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Eagle Star ES-70, 70cc Motorcycle Mirpur, AJK
ES-100, 100cc Motorcycle
58 JB Industries (Put) Ltd. Vicky 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
100cc Motorcycle
59 Ahsan Automobiles Hi-Motto AAM-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
AAM-100, 100cc Motorcycle
60 Fara Agro (Pvt) Ltd. Fara FR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Muridkey
61 Imperial Motors Imperial ID-70, 70cc Motorcycle Hyderabad
62 Karamat Automobile Industry (Pvt) Ltd. Stallion 70cc Motorcycle Narowal
63 MS Automobile (Pvt) Ltd. MS Jaguar 70cc Motorcycle Sahiwal
100cc Motorcycle
Electric Motorcycle
64 Qazi Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Elite EL-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
EL-100, 100cc Motorcycle
65 Abdul Hayee & Sons Akai AK-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
AK-100, 100cc Motorcycle
66 Royal Metro Industries Royal Metro RM-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
RM-100, 100cc Motorcycle
67 Sultan Sons & Auto Industry My Hondo SS-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
SS-100, 100cc Motorcycle
SS-125, 125cc Motorcycle
New Sohrab SS-100, 100cc Motorcycle
68 Kausar Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd. Power PK-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
PK-70, (Deluxe) 70cc Motorcycle
PK-100, 100cc Motorcycle
PK-125, 125cc Motorcycle
PK-110, 110cc Motorcycle
PK-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
PK-150, 150cc Motorcycle
PK-200, 200cc Motorcycle
PK-250, 250cc Motorcycle
69 Pride Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Pride PR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Mirpur, AJK
PR-100, 100cc Motorcycle
70 C.CO Electric Motorcycle (Pvt) Ltd. CeCo 70cc Motorcycle Multan
71 National E Vehicles (Pvt) Ltd. National Impala Electric Bike Haripur
Tiger Electric Bike
Wild Cat Electric Bike
Cougar Electric Bike
Thunderbird Electric Bike
72 Etihad Auto Industry Runner RR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Sadiqabad
73 Firebolt Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Firebolt FB-70, 70cc Motorcycle Mirpur, AJK
FB-100, 100cc Motorcycle
74 SM Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Royal Pride RB-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
RB-100, 100cc Motorcycle
75 Punjnad Auto Industry Rider PA-70, 70cc Motorcycle Rahim Yar Khan
PA-100, 100cc Motorcycle
76 UV Auto Industry Lions Power 70cc Motorcycle Multan
77 AlhMmdAli EPC Co. (Pvt) Ltd. Electric Motorcycle Rajanpur
78 MBW Auto Industry MBW MB-70, 70cc Motorcycle Gujranwala
MB-100, 100cc Motorcycle
79 Super Rozgar Motorcycle Super Rozgar SR-70, 70cc Motorcycle Quetta
80 Classic Star Auto Industry Classic Star CS-70, 70cc Motorcycle Mianwali
CS-100, 100cc Motorcycle
CS-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
81 Prime Star Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd. Prime Star PS-70, 70cc Motorcycle Lahore
PS-100, 100cc Motorcycle
PS-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
82 SS Motor Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Winner Force W-70, 70cc Motorcycle Batkhela
W-100, 100cc Motorcycle
W-125, 125cc Motorcycle
83 Shelby Motosports (Pvt) Ltd. Shelby SN-150, 150cc Motorcycle Kamalia
SN-250, 250cc Motorcycle
84 Ridersmania Motorbike (Pvt) Ltd. Ridersmania RMC-70, 70cc Motorcycle Rawalpindi
RMC-100, 100cc Motorcycle