List of Auto Rickshaw and Cargo Loader Manufacturers in Pakistan

S# Company Product(s)
1 City Auto Industries Grace CC-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Grace CT-175, 175cc Cargo Loader
Grace CT-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Grace CT-250, 250cc Cargo Loader
Grace CT-110, 110cc Cargo Loader
2 Ravi Automobile (Pvt) Ltd. Ravi RB-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Ravi RB-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
3 King Hero Motorcycle Ind. King Hero KH-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw
King Hero KH-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
4 Master Engineering Company Leader LD-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Leader LD-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
5 Memon Motors (Pvt) Ltd. 200cc 3-Wheeler CNG Auto Rickshaw
Super Star SS-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Super Star SSL-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Super Star SS-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
6 Moon Traders Winner Force VIP-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Winner Force SF-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
7 N.J Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd Super Power 175cc Auto Rickshaw (Rear)
Super Power 200cc Auto Rickshaw (Front)
Super Power SP-175cc Cargo Loader
8 New Asia Automobiles New Asia Auto Rickshaw (3 Seater)
New Asia Auto Rickshaw (5 Seater)
New Asia NA-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
New Asia NA-200, 200cc Auto Cargo Loader
New Asia NACL-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
New Asia NA7S-200cc Auto Rickshaw (7 Seater)
New Asia NACL-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
9 Raazy Motor Industries Hi-Speed SR-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Hi-Speed SR-110, 110cc Cargo Loader
Hi-Speed SR-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Hi-Speed SR-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
10 Rehman Auto Industry RI_150, 150cc Cargo Loader
11 Shafique Sons Jinan JN-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
12 Toyo International Toyo TG-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
13 United Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd. United 200cc Auto Rickshaw
United US 150cc Cargo Loader
United US-200, 200cc Auto Cargo Loader
United US-100, 100cc Auto Cargo Loader
14 Zxmco Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Zxmco ZX-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Zxmco ZX-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
15 Pak Star Automobile (Pvt) Ltd Tez Raftar, 200cc Water Cooled 4-Stroke
Auto Rickshaw
Tez Raftar TR-150A, 150cc Cargo Loader
Tez Raftar TR-200A, 200cc Cargo Loader
16 Sazgar Engineering Works Ltd Sazgar MINI CAB 200cc Auto Rickshaw
Sazgar Mini Cab 200CC 7-Seater Auto Rickshaw
Sazgar Tempo CNG 200cc, Water Cooled Loader
Sazgar Mini Cab 200cc 3-Wheel Auto Rickshaw
Sazgar Mini Cab 225cc (7 Seater) Auto Rickshaw
Sazgar Tempo 225cc Cargo Loader
Sazgar Mini Cab 250cc Auto Rickshaw
Sazgar Mini Cab 250cc (7 Seater) Auto Rickshaw
Sazgar Tempo 250cc Cargo Loader
Sazgar Motor Cab-XL 200cc, 5-Seat
Sazgar Motor Cab-XL 225cc, 5-Seat
Sazgar-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Sazgar-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Sazgar-110, 110cc Cargo Loader
Sazgar Minicab Electric Auto Rickshaw
Sazgar Minicab Swappable Electric Auto Rickshaw
Sazgar Tempo 3-Wheeler Electric Loader
17 Senior Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd Rozgar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (03 seaters)
Rozgar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (07 seaters)
Rozgar 200cc 3 Wheeler Auto Loader
Rozgar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (05 seater)
Rozgar-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Rozgar-200, 200cc Cago Loader
18 Stahlco Motors (Pvt) Ltd. Stahlco 200cc CNG Auto Rickshaw
Stahlco 250cc CNG Auto Rickshaw
Commando (7 Seater) 200cc
Stahlco 200cc Single Seat 3 Wheeler Loader
Stahlco 250cc Single Seat 3 Wheeler Loader
Stahlco-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
19 Super Asia Motors (Pvt) Ltd TUK TUK CNG 200cc Auto Rickshaw
TUK TUK 200cc Auto Rickshaw (7 Seater)
TUK TUK 150, 150cc Cargo Loader
TUK TUK 200, 200cc Auto Cargo Loader
Super Asia SA-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
20 D. S. Motors (Pvt) Ltd. Unique UD-175cc Auto Rickshaw
Unique UD-200cc Auto Rickshaw
Unique UD-250cc Auto Rickshaw
Unique UD-150cc Cargo Loader
Unique UD-200cc Cargo Loader
21 Siwa Industries (Pvt) Limited Siwa Mini Car Auto Rickshaw
Siwa Prada 200cc Auto Loader
Siwa Power 200cc Auto Rickshaw (07 Seater)
Siwa SW-150CL, 150cc Cargo Loader
Siwa SW-110CL, 110cc Cargo Loader
Siwa SW-200CL, 200cc Cargo Loader
Siwa SW-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Siwa SW-125, 125cc Cargo Loader
22 Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd Qingqi 150, 150cc Auto Rickshaw
Qingqi 200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw
Qingqi QM-110, 110cc MT Cargo Loader
Qingqi QM-150, 150cc MT Cargo Loader
QM 200cc 4-Stroke 3-Wheel Cargo Loader
23 Pakistan Automobile Shams Power 175cc CNG Auto Rickshaw
Shams Power SP-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Shams Power SP-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Shams Power SP-250, 250cc Cargo Loader
24 N.S Auto Industry Super Style SS-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw (3 Seater)
Super Style SS-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw (5 Seater)
Super Style SS-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Super Style SS-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Super Style SS-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
25 Crown Motor Company Ltd. Crown CR-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Crown CR-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Crown CR-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Crown CR-125, 125cc Cargo Loader
26 Ascend Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Salaar 200cc auto-rickshaw (3 Seater)
Salaar 200cc auto-rickshaw (7 Seater)
Salaar-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
27 A.R Motors Industries Classic CR-200cc auto-rickshaw (3 Seater)
Classic CR-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Classic CR-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Classic CC-110, 110cc Cargo Loader
Classic CR-200cc Auto Rickshaw (7 Seater)
Classic CC-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
28 Ohad Motors (Pvt) Ltd. Metro MR-150A, 150cc Cargo Loader
Metro MR-200A, 200cc Cargo Loader
29 Lal Din Rickshaw (Pvt) Ltd. Lal Din LD-200cc Auto Rickshaw
Lal Din LD-200cc Auto Cargo Loader
Lal Din LD-200cc Auto Rickshaw (7 Seater)
Lal Din LD-150, 150cc Auto Cargo Loader
Lal Din LD-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Lal Din LD-200cc Auto Rickshaw (5 Seater)
Lal Din LD-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
30 Jay Kay Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Hercules-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw
Hercules-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Hercules-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
31 Eiffel Industries Ltd. Road Prince 200cc CNG Auto Rickshaw
Road Prince RP-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Road Prince RP-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Road Prince RP-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Road Prince RP-110, 110cc Cargo Loader
32 Elite Auto Industry (Pvt) Ltd. Elite Swari EAI-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw
Elite Swari EAI-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Elite Swari EAI-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Elite Swari EAI-250, 250cc Cargo Loader
Elite Swari EAI-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Elite Swari EAI-125, 125cc Cargo Loader
33 Pak Asia Auto Company (Pvt) Ltd. Pak Asia PA-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Pak Asia PA-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Pak Asia PA-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw (3 Seater)
Pak Asia PA-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw (7 Seater)
Pak Asia PA-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
34 Khushal Auto Company Khushal KH-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Khushal KH-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
35 AK Motorcycle Industries (Pvt) Ltd. AK Junoon Force JFCL-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
AK Junoon Force JFCL-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Safari SAR-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw (3 Seater)
36 Pakistan Motors Galaxy PM-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
37 Waleed Trading Company Road King RK-15, 150cc Cargo Loader
38 Nobel Metal Engineerings Hi-Power HP-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Hi-Power HP-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Hi-Power HP-200, 200cc Cargo Loader
Hi-Power HP-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw (3 Seater)
Hi-Power HP-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw (3 Seater)
39 Sara Automobile Industries (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. Union Star US-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
40 Imperial Engineering Company Mazboot ML-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Mazboot ML-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
41 Fusion Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Road Star RSCL-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Road Star RSCL-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
42 Super Rozgar Motorcycle Super Rozgar SR-150, 150 Cargo Loader
Super Berang SRB-150, 150 Cargo Loader
Super Zarang SRZ-150, 150 Cargo Loader
43 TBM Automobile (Pvt) Ltd. TBM Tariq TBM-100LD, 100cc Cargo Loader
TBM Tariq TBM-150LD, 150cc Cargo Loader
TBM Tariq TBM-200LD, 200cc Cargo Loader
44 Prime Star Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd. Prime Star PS-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
45 SS Motor Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Winner Force WCL-100, 100cc Cargo Loader
Winner Force WCL-150, 150cc Cargo Loader
Winner Force W-200, 200cc Auto Rickshaw (7 Seater)