List of Motorcycle Manufacturers in Pakistan


-List of Motorcycle manufacturers published in May-2021 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine


S# Assemblers Product(s)
1 Atlas Honda Ltd. Honda CD-70, 100, 125, 150 Motorcycle
2 United Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd. United US-70, 100, 125 Motorcycle, US-100 Scooter, US-100 Motorcycle Rickshaw
3 D. S. Motors Unique UD-70, 100, 125, 150 Motorcycle
4 Eiffel Industries Ltd. Road Prince RP-70, 100, 110, 125, 250 Motorcycle, 110cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
5 Memon Motors (Pvt) Limited. Super Star SS-70, 100, 125 Motorcycle, SSP-100 Motorcycle Rickshaw
6 Raazy Motor Industries Hi-Speed, SR-70, 100, 125, 150, 200 Motorcycle
7 N. J. Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Super Power SP-70, 100, 125, 150, 250 Motorcycle, SSP-100 Motorcycle Rickshaw
8 Zxmco Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Zxmco ZM-70, 100, 125 Motorcycle
9 Crown Motor Company Ltd. Crown CR-70, 100, 125, 150 Motorcycle
10 Sara Automobile Industries (SMC-Pvt) Ltd Union Star US-70, Motorcycle
11 Ohad Motors (Pvt) Ltd. Metro MR-70, 100, 125 Motorcycle
12 Pak Suzuki Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd. Suzuki GD-110, GS-150, GR-150 Motorcycle
13 Haji Motors Express E-70, Motorcycle
14 Yamaha Motor Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Yamaha YBR-125, Motorcycle
15 Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd. Qingqi QM-100 Motorcycle Rickshaw
16 Rehman Auto Industry Rohi RI-70, 100 Motorcycle
17 New Asia Vehicles (Pvt) Ltd. New Asia NAV-70, 100 Motorcycle
18 City Auto Industries Grace CT-70, 100 Motorcycle
19 Sindh Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Impress IM-70, Motorcycle
20 Dharala Auto Industry Sutlej DA-70, Motorcycle
21 DYL Motorcycles Ltd. Dhoom YD-70 Motorcycle
22 AK Motorcycle Industries (Pvt) Ltd Safari SD-70, Motorcycle
23 Shahbaz Motor Automobile Industries NXG HD-70, Fit Star Motorcycle
24 Icon Motors CIVEEC Star C-70, Motorcycle
25 N.S Auto Industry Super Style SS-70, 100 Motorcycle, SS-100 Motorcycle Rickshaw
26  A.S Auto Industry Bionic AS-70, AS-100 Motorcycle
27 Ravi Automobile (Pvt) Ltd. Ravi RA-70, R-1, 70 Motorcycle
28 King Hero Motorcycle Ind. King Hero KH-70, KH-100 Motorcycle
29 Pakistan Cycle Ind. Coop Society Sohrab S-100 Motorcycle Rickshaw
30 United Motors Company Shine Star-70, Motorcycle
31 Jolta Electric (Pvt) Ltd. Jolta JE-50D, JE-70D (Electric Motorcycle)
32 Waleed Trading Company Road King RK-70, Motorcycle
33 Ali Raza Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Royal Star RS-70, Motorcycle
34 Ghani Automobile Industries Ghani GI-70, Motorcycle
35 Master Engineering Co. (MECO) Leader LD-70, LD-100 Motorcycle, LD-100 Motorcycle Rickshaw
36 K.K. Auto Industries Kait KK-70, Motorcycle
37 Treet Holdings Ltd. Treet TR-70, 100 Motorcycle
38 Jilani Auto Industry Lucky LD-70, Motorcycle
39 Shafique Sons Jinan JN-70, Motorcycle
40 Emerging Innovation (Pvt) Ltd. Revolt RV-70, Motorcycle
41 Pakistan Motors Galaxy PM-70, Motorcycle
42 Lal Din Rickshaw (Pvt) Ltd. Lal Din LD-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
43 Senior Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd. Rozgar RG-100, 100cc Motorcycle Rickshaw
44 Toyo International Motorcycles Toyo TG-70, 110, 125 Motorcycle
45 Raza Motor Industries Gold Star GS-70, 100 Motorcycle
46 Madni Auto Industry (Pvt) Ltd. Prime MA-70, Motorcycle
47 Elite Auto Industry (Pvt) Ltd. Elite Sawari EAI-70, 100 Motorcycle
48 A.R.B. Automobile Industries Indus SI-70, Motorcycle
49 K.K. Auto Industry Silver Star-70, Motorcycle
50 Supreme Motors Supreme Plus SP-70, Motorcycle
51 Siwa Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Siwa SW-100, Motorcycle
52 Imperial Engineering Company Imperial IM-70, 100 Motorcycle
53 AASA Automobile Co. Racer AS-70, 70c Motorcycle
54 Moon Traders Moon Star 70 Motorcycle
55 Osaka Corporation Osaka AF-70, Motorcycle
56 Pak Star Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd Pak Star PS-70, Motorcycle
57 Super Asia Motors Super Asia SA-70 Motorcycle
58 Pak Star Automobile (Pvt) Ltd. Tez Raftar PS-70, Motorcycle
59 Pakistan Automobile Target TT-70, Motorcycle
60 A.R Motors Industries Classic AR-70, Motorcycle
61 MS Automobile (Pvt) Ltd. MS Jaguar-70, Motorcycle
62 Punjnad Auto Industry Rider PA-70, Motorcycle
63 Pak Asia Auto Company (Pvt) Ltd. Pak Asia PA-70, Motorcycle
64 Fusion Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Road Star RS-70, 100 Motorcycle
65 Nobel Metal Engineerings Hi-Power HP-100 Motorcycle