Sub-standard Windscreen causing death and injuries


The non-standardized windscreens being used for 3 Wheelers in the country is becoming a national & safety issue. PSQCA should be held responsible for the deaths & injuries caused because of poor standard Windscreens.

5 years of sales data. Source


2018 2017 2016 2015
63,507 72,197 72,469 49,661


Informed sources disclosed that it has become a hazard not only for consumers but the members of society that highest sold public transport vehicle the Three Wheeler is equipped with low standard or so-called safety glass.

The glass is obsolete and still being used by both OEMs & aftermarket players. It is said that PSQCA (Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority) the apex body for standardization has no interest in doing research on standards and is not aware of the current standards for Wind Screens.

The standard defined by the PSQCA for three-wheelers is:

PS – 4708 – 2018(R) in which the standard defined by the concerned department on page 19 is:

21. Wind Screen Glass Clear enough that would not cause distortion of vision.

The above standard gives a clear idea about the performance of PSQCA which has either no interest in standardizing the product or not capable to do so. This is of the highest safety risk & causing injuries even deaths that are not even recorded.

On the other hand what the Engineering Development Board (EDB) has been doing for the development of both vehicles & standards. The standards defined by so-called PSQCA are life-taking and obsolete that is not even used in countries like India & Bangladesh. According to sources, the standard for Wind Screen should be Laminated Green with a clear vision which is used in all kinds of automobiles these days.

-Published on page#40, February-2020 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine