Twenty Seven to 100 Pakistan


We are lucky as a country and nation that the work on China Pakistan Economic Corridor and its various components like industrial zones, power projects, and development works have their completion visible. On the geopolitical front, a few more years and we shall be seeing very different relations with almost all of our neighbors. Like “Friendly Neighbor Status” with Afghanistan and accept India’s offer of “Peaceful Co-Existence” both developed and will be matured in the 2020s.

China trade corridor and Gwadar port development plan though a bit late but will be completed by or before 2035 and over a dozen regional countries enjoying its benefits. The real impact of CPEC, its development works, new world order, and development & progress of the region needs to be visualized or dreamed to see Pakistan of 2047.

Remember Pakistan of the 2040s will be a country standing out in the region for many reasons, apart from being still the only Muslim atomic power and amongst the top three countries with a population of 500M ++. Development & Growth rate of the last 20 years, its stand on peace, harmony, and other universal issues will be the prime reason for selection to Big Eight of UN Security Council. Irrespective of presently missing discipline, rule of law, and different standards for the same offense or event.

To be there and forgetting our right share of progress, the time is now for, launching our “Human Resource Development” and preparation of SOPs for every eventuality. Our vision for that time and beyond must be decided in the next few years, in place by 2025, and finalized by 2030.

Only then in the next few years, we will be reforming into a law abiding, caring, happy & healthy living, and progressing nation marching towards 100th birthday.   New protocols for media, religion, living, and working must now be worked for and discussed in detail for every segment of society to feel its ownership and follow it in its letter and spirit.

The government of Pakistan in due course of time will be requested to celebrate 2047 as “100th Birth Year of Islamic Republic of Pakistan” as the year of See Pakistan with free travel countrywide on all government transports. This year will begin on Tuesday 01 January and 14 of August will fall on Wednesday. The yearlong celebration program will be announced a year earlier.

It might appear a difficult task but is the need of the time and our only choice. The present generation of age 25 to 40 under the guidance of seniors has to sacrifice the most by completely changing their lifestyle and working towards the new vision.

They will also be training generation next (at present of age 15 to 25) and together both these generations will prepare the third generation (Under 10 as of 2025). This will be the generation which will In Sha Allah be leading us towards a brighter Pakistan and they in return will be getting ready for the 100plus Pakistan. A real Muslim state as dreamed by Allama Iqbal and created by our leaders under Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

In 2017, having done a very deep study of the Pakistan Movement and the progress rate of Pakistan for seventy years, a small group of people with blood group “P +ve” got together to formulate a vision for the hundredth year. The group also decided to restrict their thinking & planning to only:

  1. Safer living (aiming to make Pakistan a Safe Country to Live, Travel & Work)
  2. Transportation (Air, Sea, River, Road, Rail, pipelines and cables)
  3. Religious Harmony (both Inter & Intra Religion)
  4. Education as “Taleem o Tarbiyat”
  5. Training of trainers for “Nation Building”
  6. Community living (including Nation Building, Conservation of Resources, Rescue, Accident prevention, Fire Handling & Emergency Management)
  7. Health and Health Facilities and awareness of preventive health care
  8. Tourism (and protection of tourist sites) for Pakistanis and international visitors
  9. CPEC and its effects (or benefits) – awareness of the public in general for preparing them to earn from its benefits
  10. Skill development opportunities for youth to become a safety-conscious worker

The think tank very soon realized that due to its scope and size this mammoth work requires more teams and input from concerned experts and citizens.  Some work on transportation was done which is being reproduced here. Through printing and circulation of this write up every Pakistani is requested for his input on the above subjects and/or inclusion (or deletion & merger) of these. Initial recommendations with a suggested time frame for Road Transportation are:

By 2022 to be ready by 2025 for 25 years of working towards Safer Pakistan

  • Educating drivers and related organizations on precautions and adhering to agreed SOPs for safety.
  • Upgrading the licensing system countrywide to follow the same SOP and work 24 -7 to reduce or eliminate the gap between the number of vehicles and license holders. Ensure training before awarding the license to applicants.
  • Complying with all existing rules for various categories of driving licenses contained in different publications in their true spirit.
  • Ensuring implementation of Repeat Clause for violations and award of more serious punishments mentioned in existing rules
  • Taking action against owner, parents, custodian, or even teachers for offenses like underage driving and riding. Adding the responsibility of “No under Age Riding or Driving” to schools staff
  • Promoting cycling through dedicated cycling tracks and promoting community cycling system (NUST Main Campus example)
  • Promoting schemes like WoW to give the flexibility of travel to female commuters
  • Implementing the traffic warden system countrywide and training dedicated numbers for assessing the applicants for restive types of licenses.
  • End of Overloading Era both for cargo and personnel. Complying weight limits promulgated in rules and carrying passengers as per SOP
  • Registering the existing driving schools with respective chambers and organizing mandatory “Training of Trainers” for their instructors.
  • Through stakeholders consultations promulgating an agreed syllabus for training of riders and drivers
  • Introducing simulator-based training and assessment for all renewal of licenses
  • No issuance or renewal of license for under matric applicants. They must attain this qualification from any education board or Allama Iqbal Open University.
  • Every school to have its own transport system for students with zebra or any other agreed pedestrian crossing and nearby marked parking space for staff & administration vehicles. Introducing “Road Tax” for students being dropped in private vehicles
  • All commercial areas to be “No Vehicle” zones expect for special electric buggies and restricted entry control for commercial loading vehicles

Availing this opportunity in inviting you to send your dreams on Pakistan to me and indicate if you want to be a member of this Think Tank, confirming that your blood group is P +ve and you are ready to devote time with selfless efforts, towards forming Vision, Manzil and recommend few First Steps towards this Manzil soonest

-Published on pages#36-37, August-2020 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine