Traffic and our Roads – Steps after Corona 19


Corona19 with all its damage to life and society is talk of the town for country and the same is expected to continue for few more months with the recovery phase almost continuing to the end of the current year. New styles of community living, social distancing and all time use of PPE will have to be adopted. At the same time few rules and their penalties will need implementation in its letter and spirit. While some rules surely will need improvement and formulation of system for their effective enforcement across the country Social distancing, maintaining safe distance, no grouping or moving close by, handling offenders and issuing of traffic chalaans will need new SOPS. It has almost been ten years when National Highways and Safety Rules (NHSO 2000) were enforced. Time is perhaps right to implement the “Imprisonment Clauses” more than the fines as we have not been able to create preventive effect through fines. We will have to take guidance from the court orders of holding parents responsible for traffic offences and may include teachers too (as rohani parents) for their role towards “Safer Roads” and “ Safe Road Users. Responsibility of driving, riding and parking in vicinity of educational institutes, training centers and academies shall have to be entrusted to the respective incharge teachers.

Though much reduced in numbers but the accidents continued during “Lock Down” period with average of ten deaths, 30+ seriously injured and large property loss. Coordinated efforts need to be in place for reducing these losses and setting targets for reduction in these road traffic crashes.
Starting 2021 arrangements have to be in place for e-chalaans, (NO roadside checking) process of imprisonment and then set annual working targets of driving and riding as follows:

2021 Underage, without license and without proper insurance Facilitation of 24/7 licensing facility through associations, corporations and registered schools
2022 PPE, Seat Belts and improper or missing lights & indicators
2023 Lane & Line Violation, Jumping the Queue and traffic signals

Countrywide implementation of this proposal and plan will be must as an effective step towards “Safer Roads” and meeting agreed safety goals. All stakeholders will have to be on one page for working together for “Making Pakistan A Safe Country to Live, Travel and Work”

NHSO 2000
6. Overloading of passengers 30% Rs 1000-5000 — Upto one month
7. Offences relating to accidents Rs 1000-2000 — Upto six months
8. Taking vehicle without lawful authority Rs 1000-2000 — Upto six months
9. Unauthorized interference with vehicles Rs 500-1000 — Upto six months
10. Willful disobedience or obstruction Rs 1000-2000 — Upto six months

Of lawful orders
11. Altering a license or using an altered Rs 1000-2000 — Upto six months

Or forged license.
12. Driving a transport vehicle without Rs 500-1000 — Upto one month
Obtaining a license or without a License which is effective or without a
License applicable to the vehicle driven Rule for minors

A new provision has been added to the Bill with regard to underage drivers under which the guardians or vehicle owners shall be held guilty in case of an offence by a juvenile. A fine of Rs 25,000 with three years imprisonment will be imposed and the juvenile will be tried under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act while the registration of the vehicle will be cancelled.

-Published on page#45, July-202 Edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine