Chinese Consulate General Karachi issues alert notice against alleged culprits


The Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Karachi has warned the Chinese companies doing business in Pakistan about various culprits involved in auto part imports from China.

The alert notice stated that during September-October 2019, the Consulate General received three complaints from domestic companies against a Pakistani importer importing motorcycle parts from China for alleged trade scams, amounting to millions of dollars.

The information of the companies used by the Pakistani merchants is disclosed, reminding domestic companies to pay attention to risks when conducting trade cooperation with the following Pakistani merchants:

  1. Daniyal Baweja
  2. Super Asia Motorcycle
  3. Ghani Automobile
  4. Rehman Auto Industry
  5. Dharala Auto Industry
  6. AASA Automobile Co.
  7. Pakistan Engineering

-Published on page#9, December-2019 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine