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University of the Punjab Transport Service – A blessing for the students

By Maria Qubtia

Transport is essential for almost everyone in one way or the other. Transport service is a basic necessity for students, especially female students. There are thousands of educational institutions in Pakistan but only a few of them provide transport facility for students and employees.

University of the Punjab is one of the largest universities of Asia. It has many campuses in Lahore as well as in other cities. This is the only university which provides efficient transport service for thousands of students on very low charges. Students are now dependent on its transport service. University of the Punjab provides almost 50 buses for transportation of its students. It covers 33 routes in Lahore and 5 routes outside Lahore.

This is the only university whose buses are seen on roads of Lahore throughout the day. It assists its students that come from farther areas like Sheikhupura, Raiwand, Kasur and Sharakpur Sharif through its transport service. The transport service also facilitates the students of PUCIT in their transportation on daily basis. There are more than hundred employees and faculty members that are performing the duties to make this facilitation successful for students.

The service is not only useful for students but also for employees. It has become part and parcel of the life of students of Punjab University. It provides ease to many students of all campuses in Lahore. Without it, the students would have certainly faced a lot of difficulties while moving from one campus to other campus of the University. There are 30 buses that move from Quaid-e-Azam Campus (New Campus) to Allama Iqbal Campus (Old Campus) with the interval of one hour daily. In this way, it provides ease to the students of hostels to take them from one campus to other campuses from dawn to dusk. This is also a great source of transportation for students who want to come to Main Library from different campuses in Lahore.

It also provides the service on weekends. This service facilitates the students in many ways. Its buses are available for hostel students to take them to liberty and Greater Iqbal Park for recreation and shopping on weekends. Another great aspect of the service is that it is continued even during summer vacations to facilitate those students who want to study in Punjab University Main Library or want to do their research work.

As recreational trips and study tours are very important for academics. It’s difficult to arrange private transport for these purposes. University of the Punjab transport service takes this responsibility and provides buses and cooperative staff for study tours and recreational trips. They charge a moderate amount for the arrangement of these tours.

Punjab University is one of those universities that have vast campuses. Its transport service provides shuttles buses for students to move them from one place to other within Quaid-e-Azam Campus (New Campus). The University hires experienced and responsible employees for its transport service. University transport provides its service even during the rainy days. It does not let anything hinder in its services. It does not compromise on regularity and punctuality. It follows a strict timetable due to which students rely on it for their movements. Now, it has become more systematic. Platform numbers have been mentioned on roads so that every student can get his bus on its particular platform.

Therefore, it is impossible for University students and employees to ignore the services of Punjab University transport. There is no other university in Pakistan that provides service of transport to students on weekends and during summer break but Punjab University provides its service of transport. It makes possible for many female students to seek education to build an educated nation in our country. There are many students who are not able to get education in renowned institutions due to the problem of transportation. Punjab University is doing its best in resolving the transportation issues for students by providing a trustworthy transport service.

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