WANHOO! Your Reliable and Best Choice! Chongqing Wanhu sold 80,000 Wanho Tri-Wheelers in 2016


Wanhu Head Office

M/s: Chongqing Wanhu Mechanical & Electrical Products Co., Ltd. is located at No.6 YunGang Street, B Area, LuoHuang Industrial Zone, JiangJin District, Chongqing, China. Its main products are gasoline power tricycle, electric power tricycle, engines and tricycle parts.

Wanhoo-2The Company was established in 1996 having around 1,000 employees including 110 professional engineers. Its Wanhoo factory zone is occupying 60,000 sq. m area. This is the largest tricycle factory in South China and is well known in the top three tricycle manufacturers in China tricycle lines. Their products range includes; Gasoline power tricycle, Electric tricycle, engine, and Tricycle parts.

The Brand names of its products are WANHOO. The Company owns complete and the best advanced manufacturing equipments in China tricycle lines. It has one raw material processing workshop, two engine workshops, and two chassis pressing lines, two welding lines, one painting line and three assembly lines. The key parts of the products such as engine, chassis, cargo box, rear axle, body, and painting are all self-produced. They could also improve and develop the tricycle based on your ideas, use purpose and the budget.


WANHOO products are manufactured by more than 700 skilled workers at Auto-molding Laser cutting lines and Auto-Robot seamless welding for Chassis and Cargo boxes. They have 150cc to 300cc Engine production lines with the help of CNC machining center, Automatic electrophoresis-painting process line and Assembling lines & Assembling test lines.

Wanhoo-3Their R & D and Test Capacity known as China Provincial Tricycle Technology Center are approved by China government. The advanced PDM system is controlled by R&D process of the new products.
Until now they have more than 50 independent patents approved. Their advanced testing equipment’s are widely used in the manufacturing process. While all tricycle types are bound to pass 6000 km road test to ensure the durable quality.

The Overseas Marketing of the Wanhoo products till year 2016, were comprised of three manufacturer bases in China, and five overseas branches. WANHOO sold 80,000 units tricycles in 2016, while overseas market occupied 15000 units. The Company is recognized as:
– No.1 Passenger Tricycle Exporter in China
– No.1 Cargo Tricycle Exporter in China (200cc)
– No.3 Tricycle Exporter in China

Wanhoo-1Their ranges of Tri-wheeler Products are given as under:

  • K1
  • MINI
  • K3
  • 150 CLV
  • LIEHOO with Cabin
  • JINHOO (New Type 2017)
  • JINHOO without Cabin
  • 059-A-205cc
  • 059-B-205cc
  • 059-C-205cc (New 2017)
  • X-BOX


-Published on pages#11 to 13, April-2017 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine