Brainstorming in the GAF Talks


“GAF Talks” has been an innovative part of the Global Automotive Forum since the sixth edition of the forum in 2015. This section has adapted some features characteristic of talk shows. The panelists shared their views on creativity within the automobile industry, each in their own style.

This year, the “GAF Talks” were more various with panelists representing the automobile, science & technology, components, and investment industries. The theme of their speeches was emphasizing the concept of “transboundary”.

DU WeiThe four panelists were Bai Yunfei, President and General Manager of Beijing Sincode Science & Technology Co., Ltd., China; Du Wei, Vice President of Customer Coordination & Strategy in Chongqing at Xiyuan Camshaft Co., Ltd.; John P. Lauri, Director & Producer of Sirens of Chrome, USA; and Peter Wang, Senior Vice President of Investment Co., Ltd., Canada.

During his speech titled “Culture and Business Innovation,” Bai Yunfei expressed his opinion that the enterprise culture stems from both the traditional culture and the assimilation with the world culture. As an old Chinese saying goes, the tree can’t survive without roots. In a similar manner, enterprises cannot survive without a culture.

In order to pursue success, the construction of a corporate culture is indispensable for Chinese auto enterprises. The process of innovation is necessary for enterprises, especially Chinese private enterprises because it will solve problems like responsibility shirking in Chinese private enterprises.

Only once innovation and culture takes root in the enterprise can the enterprise advance towards its higher goal.

During her speech titled “Do Something Cool”, Ms. Du Wei offered advice on how to pursue “cool” saying, “Cool does not mean to think about what to do, but about how to do it.” She went on to describe why the automobile industry is “very cool,” highlighting the fact that many incredible things that were once unattainable are now possible due to innovation.

In his speech “Behind the Sirens,” which is a movie about females in the auto industry, John P. Lauri, director & producer of Sirens of Chrome, posed the question, “What contribution have females made to the auto industry? In the past few decades, the only thing females did was to be models in the auto show. What we see in the film tells us how to buy a car, and where to get information about the automobiles’ functions. Although we can find information on the Internet or on our cell phones, we still want to go to the auto show to take a closer look at automobiles.”

John LauriFurther, John P. Lauri recorded some film live to show the real process of making a film, which brought the meeting to its climax. He said that the film “The Sirens” will be released before 2017, and he hopes that the film can be shown in China.

With an increased amount of overseas mergers and acquisitions in China’s auto component industry, Wang Ping, the Senior Vice President of Zhongke Neolinde (Beijing) Investment Co. Ltd. made a speech titled “Global M&A Practice.” He shared his own experiences and his suggestions for the Global M&A Practice, referencing to mergers and acquisitions for Chinese automobile enterprises.

Wang Ping believes that exports have become the main acquisition target in the Chinese automobile industry and that problems will easily arise in the acquisition process, especially in contract assignments. “First we need to have lawyers in each other’s companies to help draw up contracts. Before signing the contract, we have to feel out the partner’s situation. We need to be prudential, if we have any problems, we can turn to the partner, the lawyers, market research and accounts. It’s very necessary to do this.”

Wang Ping also said that the Chinese companies need to prepare as much as they can and be as careful as possible before going global, and when they do go abroad, they should seek advice and learn from successful examples in foreign countries.

-Published on page#12, June-2016 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine