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2016 Chongqing Auto Show successful ending multi-brand sales of over 1,000 top selling Luxury cars

On 13 June, the 7-day Midwest’s largest car event –2016 (eighteenth) China Chongqing International Automotive Industry Exhibition (Chongqing auto show) at the Chongqing International Exhibition Center successfully concluded. The exhibition scaled over 160,000 square meters, a blend of the world’s 98 vehicle brands, 11 brands of commercial vehicles, exhibition models over 1000, starting more than 30 models of new cars. The exhibition supporting activities over the same period more than 30 games with a two-day event held in China, the largest and highest grade Global Automotive Forum concluded successfully over the same period.

Chongqing auto show this year ushered in a total of more than half a million people crowd the exhibition, the major car brands sold 25,678 units, with turnover of nearly 40 billion Yuan.

Multi-brand sales of over 1,000 units’ extension

The Chongqing auto show as the Midwest’s most influential auto show will undoubtedly become an important platform for the Volkswagen brand manufacturers to display and sales promotion. Gathered over 100 brands on this show 1000 models of the seven-day event each brand car sales totaled 25,678 units, average selling cars 8 per minute.

According to statistics, Nissan sold more than 2,000 units coronation crown, its Sylphy, X-Trail, Qashqai, Teana very popular. Followed by Beijing Hyundai sold nearly 1,500 units, Ford sales were up nearly 1,300 units, FAW-Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Buick sales were more than 500; in addition, Dongfeng Honda, Guangzhou Toyota, SAIC Volkswagen etc get hundreds sales units.

Own brand, relying on the major brands selling SUV sales straighten up. Long-term reelection own brand sales chart top of Changan Automobile to over 1000 units sold this year continue to sit tight top spot in Chongqing show its own brand, which accounted for sales of the brand’s SUV models CS35, CS75 and other models up to more than 60 percent . Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan sales had exceeded 500 units, only Chi Chuan SUV GS4 a vehicle sold 400 units; Chery sold around nearly 600, Tiggo 3 Tiggo 5 sales accounting is also up more than 6 percent. In addition, BYD, Great Wall, Geely and other brand models were well received by the public favor.

1 million luxury car sales of over 100 units Selling imported luxury cars

In Chongqing Auto Show this year, more than 30 imported brands, more than 200 of the one million vehicles accounted for 20% of the participating models, the Maserati limited edition models GC Fendi and price up to 47 million Aston Martin One-77 …… super luxury car line-up had created a number of records in Chongqing auto show.

Eye-catching line up of luxury cars and the purchasing power of wealthy individuals was equally astounding. According to statistics, in seven days Show one million luxury car sales exceeded 100 units, while BMW, Mercedes, Audi and other import brand sales reached hundreds.

At high intensity models offer stimulation, BMW sold a total of about 1,000 vehicles, including the BMW 3 Series, 5 Series were exceptionally hot, brand sales last year increased by 100% extension. The same as the German brand Audi sales across the board gains, a total of more than 800 car dealers, an increase of 30% over the same period, in which the A3, A5, A6 etc very sought after. In addition, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Lexus and other brands were very hot.

The major imported brands, car sales accounted for 20-50 million range maximum, but also the most sought after people, such as the BMW 3 Series, Audi A5, A6, Q3 and Mercedes-Benz C-class, E-class and so on.

Top luxury vehicles, Rolls-Royce sold three, priced at nearly 6 million other models of ancient Stewart Booked in Chongqing city and surrounding counties buyers; Bentley also successfully sold more than 300 units, of which the price of more than 500 million of the world’s first production Bentley SUV and added more than 300 million of speeding had to find a buyer. Ferrari, Lamborghini and other top sports car orders are accounted for, and sales of nearly 20 Maserati, Porsche sales of over 50 units. It is worth mentioning that the price of up to 47 million Aston Martin One-77 since its debut show, popularity index continued to soar, stand dense crowd surrounding moments of the containment, during the show, but also gain a car players from Chengdu car purchase intention.

Young spending power rise 10-15 Wan best-selling models

“The price of 3.388 million 488GTB two buyers is 80.” Ferrari sales consultant revealed. Ferrari was not only on luxury cars gathered in the hall of this show, the spot was worth 95 after 3.2 million Lamborghini away, and Maserati, Lutesi other brands were ushered in after the big wave 80, 90 buyers. A sports car brand responsible person said that sports people buy 60% from 80, 90.

Not only major top sports car later appeared in a large crowd of 80, 90, all independent, a joint venture brand to buy the crowd, 80, 90, after increasing sharply.

“At present, 80, 90, after the purchasing power of the population, has occupied the Chinese automobile market sales of nearly 5 percent.” Plurality of joint ventures, own brand sales personnel, the younger age groups more inclined to sports, personality, fashion models of all kinds, of which 10 -15 Wan price range of the most sought after models.

In this exhibition, the major brands in order to meet the needs of younger age groups, have launched a number of stylish, dynamic, prominent personality models, such as the name of modern Beijing Map movable collar and new Ford Focus and the like.

Chase the trend of young high-tech intelligent products favored a plus, during the exhibition, Chang Rui Cheng Chi shared version of the official listing of the biggest bright spot is that the car intelligent configuration, the vehicle online map can not only “intelligent road operator”, but also for user-friendly guide; equipped with intelligent vehicle networking systems Lifan Marvell has also attracted many young car buyers onlookers.

New energy vehicles zone cited concern

Tesla and other hot multiple

In the new energy area, more than 10 brands of this Chongqing auto show opened to bring the balance of 30 leading technology on behalf of their new energy vehicles has been widespread public concern. Tesla, BMW, Lexus booth attracted a large crowd of onlookers wave.

“In Seven days, we have received nearly 10 orders, set-off amounted to more than 100 groups.” Pure imported luxury car brand smart electric Tesla will debut appreciable gains. Brands official said, hot models focused on the Model S, the sale price of the car from over 70 10000-1300000 range, buyers are tailored.

In addition to Tesla, known as the world’s most cost-effective electric vehicles, one of the Thai public cloud 100s also sold more than one car plus a variety of subsidies, consumers pay only 5 million will be able to new car home. In addition, the new dual-mode hybrid SUV– BYD Tang numbers of new energy vehicles were harvested large orders.

“The purchase of new energy vehicles, the use of low cost, the price is right, coupled with government policies, backed by the high cost of new energy vehicles.” 50-year-old Lee family, specifically to show the family bought a zhongtai cloud 100s, prepared as a daily means of transport.

Automobile Association statistics show that in March the new energy automobile production would be 25,246, and 22,936 sales. An increase of 54.8% and 46%, respectively.

-Published on pages#-45 to 48 June 2016 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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