GENERAL TYRE introduces Tubeless Tyre for Motorcycles


General Tyre achieved yet another milestone by introducing Tubeless Motorcycle Tyre for the first time in Pakistan.

Majority of the Pakistanis belong to lower-middle class & for them in the absence of proper public transportation, commuting is one of the major problems. Due to introduction of cheaper motorcycles, the sale and the population of motorcycles has gone up tremendously.

Major problem faced by motorcyclists is of puncturing. In a tube type tyre a single penetration pierces the tube and air escapes immediately. In such a situation the  only thing the bikers can do is to take the bike to any puncture shop nearby to fix the puncture.

Now with introduction of tubeless tyre the problem of immediate puncturing will be solved because, in tubeless tyre, due to its special construction, building process & special designed rim / tube valve air pressure remains in the tyre for a longer period than in a tube type tyre. This will benefit the bikers as they will have time to keep riding their bikes till they remove the nail / foreign object.

Following are the other advantages of tubeless tyre:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Does not puncture easily
  • In case of puncture, loses air slowly
  • Longer tyre life
  • Safe driving at night with family

-Published on page#15, December-2015 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine