EDB asks for vendors’ registration before 15 Oct.


The Engineering Development Board, Ministry of Industries & Production has asked all the approved assemblers of vehicles to urge their vendors to get them registered with EDB latest by October 15, 2015. In this regard a Performa for Registration of Vendors with EDB is also issued with directives that the same may be forwarded to all vendors supplying the parts to OEMs. In case of failure of registration of the vendors with EDB, the certificates and lists of importable components issued to the assemblers shall be suspended under conditions provided in SRO 656.

This threatening letter No. EDB-SDG/VR/46/2015 dated 14th September 2015 is issued with the signature of Engr. K.B. Ali, In-charge (Sector Development) to all the assemblers of two, three and four wheelers.

The Vendor Registration Form issued by Engr. K.B. Ali has many interesting but debatable features. In addition to basic information of Company name, establishment date, address, status and details of manufacturing parts supplied to OEMs etc. the EDB has asked to submit the replies and documentary evidences of a list of 15 more items that would require to establish a separate secretariat by each and every vendor who wish to please the EDB.

The information demanded by EDB from each vendor starts from the list of manufacturing machinery & part wise testing equipment, and ends on demanding a registration fee of Rs10,000/- (demand draft/ cheque in favor of EDB, Islamabad).

The other queries include customer list by products and OEM along with supply figures for last 2/3 years, sales tax/ NTN registration certificate (copy), list of the locally made components used in the assembly of the parts, list and procurement sources of other parts if used in the assembly of parts, proof of income tax filing, proof of electricity bills paid during the year 2014-15.

It has also asked to provide the process of description/ flow chart, product catalogue, manpower break-up, Company profile, factory map, photographs of the manufactured parts, photographs of the manufacturing facilities during manufacturing of the parts etc.

-Published on page#13, September-2015 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine