We are always respecting quality, Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Shirley Song, Managing Director, Sinorient Tyre Co., Ltd.


Would you like to tell about your experience in Tyre industry?

I am working in Tyre industry since year 2000. Since 2002-2005 worked in Apollo Tyre as Sourcing Representative and I established the Apollo tyre office in Qingdao, Apollo Engineers guided me how to work and professional things about tyre industry. I was working 10 hours per day, 6 days a week.

How old is your Company and your experience here?

Sinorient Tyre Co. Ltd. established in 1998 as a professional enterprise in manufacturing and marketing all kinds of Chinese tyres. Our wide range covers TBR, PCR, OTR, Agricultural, Industrial and Trailer tyres. In 2005 I joined Sinorient as Sales Director and still I am here working and now promoting and branding KEBEK brand. This is especially in winter PCR and SUV tyre as well as TBR tyres we just started to build up our network from 2014. I like to work in this industry because of speaking English and I am struggling to get more knowledge, I have visited different countries for exhibitions & customer visits.

What is the production capacity and where are your main markets?

Now our factory is holding the annual production capacity of 3 million of TBR tyres and 8 million of PCR tyres, and products enjoy good reputation in our core markets USA, Canada, Panama, Venezuela, Dubai, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

What about Pakistan market?

Pakistan is a different market as compared to others; wholesale market’s first priority is price and the quality is on second, that’s why Pakistan is not strong market for us.

How do you see the Quality & Certification status?

Since last 5 years there is none any complaint in our brands in South & North America and European markets even our prices are economical than the European brands.

We are always respecting quality as the life of Sinorient, our infrastructure is based on:

  • Major machines from Germany
  • Steel cord from Italy, natural rubber from Malaysia
  • Engineers team from Hankook
  • Strictly restricted in every process

Therefore, our products have been certified by ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, DOT, ECE, E-SOUND, REACH, GCC, CCC, SONCAP, PVOC, NOM, INMETRO and other applicable standards required by particular countries.

 -Published on pages#21 June-2015 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine