The Greatest Tyre & Rubber Show in China


The post-event report by MOBILE WORLD Magazine, the official Media Partner from Pakistan for China International Tyre & Wheel (Qingdao) Fair 2015, under the official agreement for Media Coverage between MOBILE WORLD Magazine and Qingdao Jinnoc International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -10The 12th China International Tyre & Rubber Fair successfully held from 9-11 April 2015 in Qingdao, China. The annual event hosted by Qingdao Jinnoc International Exhibition Co., Ltd and China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. It has been a great event in Asia Pacific area with the rapid growth of Rubber tyre industry in China and more than ten years’ development and innovation. The scale of event keeps expanding and will hit a new record to create great gathering for the chains of rubber tire industry from downstream to upstream.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -4The event was sponsored by Peoples Government of Shandong Province, Peoples Government of Qingdao Municipal, Shandong Provincial Rubber Industry Association and Qingdao University of Science & Technology. And the Joint Sponsored by Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association, Petrochemical Industry of Shandong Province, Zhejiang Rubber Industry Association, Wenzhou Rubber of Chamber of Commerce, Hebei Hengshui Engineering Rubber Industry Association, Jiangsu Rubber Industry Association, Guangzhou Rubber Industry Association, Anhui Rubber Industry Association, Rubber Machine Branch of China Chemical Equipment Association and National Rubber and Plastic Machinery Information Center.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -8This was the greatest show of Tyre & Rubber industries which is being held since last 11 years and the number of participation by Exhibitors and Visitors is increasing year by year.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -2Qingdao, Shandong is the business centre of Tyre & Rubber industry in China, the most popular Chinese brand tyres manufacturers, traders and exporters are located in Qingdao city of Shandong province. The year 2014 marked a bumper year for the tyre industry. The declining price of natural rubber helped substantial cost reduction of tyre vendors; the tyre price performed more stable than the costs although it dropped as well.

Despite the shrunk revenue in 2014, almost all tyre producers saw higher profit margins. The situation continues in 2015, and reflected in the falling price of natural rubber and the slight decline in the tyre price.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -12In future, Chinese companies may make more acquisitions to expand the market, obtain technologies. Finland-based Nokian, America-based Titan and CTP, Russia-based Nizhnekamskshina and OJSC, as well as Belarus-based JSC Belshina Belarus are likely to be potentially taken over. If Chinese companies take over Nokian, they will seize the excellent winter tyre technology, according to one report.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -3In Chinese OE tyre market, the market share of Japan-based Dunlop and the US-based Goodyear soared, particularly Dunlop’s market share almost doubled in 2014. China-based Triangle Tyre and Giti Tyre also witnessed significant growth.

A total of 431 exhibitors participated in this specialized show held on a total area of about 60,000 square meters. The number of visitors crossed the mark of over 18,000 coming from 22 different countries and most of them belonged to Australia, Brazil, Belarus, China, Canada, Egypt, Finland, Iran, India, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, Lagos, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, USA, UAE and Venezuela etc. Among them there were more than 366 overseas visitors.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -11Star exhibitors of the Show:

Triangle Tyre, Linglong Tyre, ZhengXin Rubber, Double Star Tyre, Prinx Chengshan, Nokian Tyres, Shengtai Group, Xingyan Tyre, Hengfeng, TW Kenda, Shandong Hengyu, Wanda Boto, Bayi Tyre, Taishan Tyre, Yinbao Tyre, Yuelong Rubber, Anchi Wheel, Zhejiang Baochi, Qinhuangdao Xinglong Wheels, Taizhou Zhangchi Wheel, Lianyuangang Gemsy Precision Heavy Industry, Liaoning Zhongxiang Aluminum, Zhejiang Autom Aluminum Wheel, China Wheel, Qilu Automobile Wheel, Yiyuang Rubber, Dalian Rubber, Dalian Huhan, Taicang Guanlian, Pan Stone, Xinjinli, High-speed Rail detection, Qingdao Rubber Six, Yanggu Huatai, Faster Auto Parts, Jiangxi Guoyan, New Universal and so on.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -1Why Qingdao?

Qingdao is economically very important port city in the southeast region of Shandong Province, located not far from South Korea and Japan and halfway between Shanghai and Peking, the most important cities in China for international trade.

More than 1000 companies working in the tyre and rubber sector. Tyre exports account for half of the total amount in China.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -5Why Shandong province–some statistics

Shandong ranks first among the provinces in the production of tyres in China. Its total output of tyres reached 380 million by the end of 2013, accounts for almost 50% of the country’s output and more than 15% of the world’s output. Total tyre sales income of more than 310 billion. Tyre productivity grows 15% annually. It has up to 560 tyre manufacturers.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -6EXHIBITORS’ PROFILE

  • All kinds of tyres and wheels
  • Tyre accessories
  • Tyre manufacturing technologies and equipment
  • Finished Non-tyre Rubber Products
  • Chemicals, Additives & raw materials
  • Rubber Machinery, Rubber Testing & Equipments
  • Tyre retreading, repair and recycling technologies
  • Associations, press, Institutions and services.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair report -7In addition, there were other wonderful meetings and activities. The development of rubber industry from the terms of material innovation, technology improvement, industry standard, scientific research and testing were analyzed and discussed.

 -Published from pages#10-13 June-2015 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine