Jeson Power is striving for the goal of “First-class Team, First-class Management and First-class Culture”


Exclusive Interview with Mr. Min Li Zhi, Chief Executive Officer, Chongqing Jeson Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mr. Min Li Zhi is an experienced personality in Motorcycle & Engine production business in China. He joined motorcycle industry in 1984 when he worked till 2002 for Jialing Motorcycles. From 2002 to 2010 he joined Chongqing Loncin as Vice President. Talking to MOBILE WORLD about his present set up Mr. Min Li Zhi informed that they have invested on 5 different engines, these components’ size are different from other engines already in the use.

“It’s not easy to change an engine’s one or two parts, it requires more other components’ size to change and enhance its performance. Why we need to change? The technical point is that why we increased Crank Case size because when engines inside temperature will enhance the oil will be vaporized out from the engine and its level will go down then it will impact the performance,” Li Zhi said.

He disclosed that in all categories like 150cc, 175cc, 200cc, 250cc and 300cc our Crank Case size is bigger than other engines being used in the market. “I have experienced about Pakistan market since 2003, this market requires the quality & better products, and we have very close relations with some well reputed assemblers in Pakistan.”

“Our special focus on Pakistan market has resulted in 100% export target to this market. From day first my personal aim is to work on technical side and create the quality product, only then we will survive in this business,” Min Li Zhi stated.

That’s why he said his Company has professional service team and service level, in line with the service concept of “continuously create additional value for customers”, and provide timely and thoughtful pre-sales and after sales service for customers.

The Company has high-quality professional management team, strengthened the construction of basic management, and established ERP enterprise resource management system. On the manufacturing management, the Company fully implemented the lean production management mode. In the quality management, the Company actively carried out the ISO-9001 quality management system and the TS-16949 management system.

“Jeson Company is striving forward the goal of “First-class Team, First-class Management and First-class Culture” through continuously improving the team’s learning ability, executive ability, coordination ability and innovation ability, Mr. Min Li Zhi concluded.

 -Published on page#16 May-2015 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine