Trade with India to be discussed in AIDC


The Auto Industry Development Committee (AIDC) of EDB decided in its 20th meeting held on 15 September 2014 to discuss the subject of ‘Trade with India’ in next AIDC Meeting.

According to details the EDB had received a representation from M/s Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited, Karachi, through Ministry of Industries & Production/ Commerce for allowing import of 6 items at 6 digit HS Code, being CKD parts only, by removing them from the Negative List of items importable from India.

According to Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited their proposal has been supported by M/s Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM).

General Manger (Policy) EDB informed that EDB has received a request from Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMCL) with regard to deferment of the agenda item as it is a sensitive issue for PSMCL. MD PSMCL also desired that the said agenda may be discussed in his personal presence who could not attend the 20th AIDC Meeting due to his foreign visit.

Pak Suzuki further requested EDB for a specific meeting with EDB and PAAPAM with reference to Trade with India prior to discussion in AIDC meeting.

The chair offered the participants that the agenda can be discussed for the sake of

information/ brain storming, if required. However, representative of PAAPAM highlighted that since Pak Suzuki is a big player and largest car manufacturer in the country, the agenda item may be deferred for discussion in the upcoming AIDC Meeting.

-Published on page# 36 October-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine