K-Electric flouting the NEPRA orders


The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has ordered the management of K-Electric to immediately stop the provision of hook (Kunda) connections and in future connections be given in accordance with the prevailing rules/regulations.

This order was issued by Deputy Registrar NEPRA Mr. Iftikhar Ali Khan on 4th April 2014 while taking action on the complaint of one citizen Mr. Kashif Hussain, a resident of Architects & Engineers Cooperative Society, Block-8, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi.

The NEPRA official through his Order No. NEPRA/R/TCD-09/3499-3501 dated 4-4-2014 directed the Chief Executive Officer, Karachi Electric Supply Company Ltd. that existing hook connections be regularized within a period of three months by relaxing regular procedure/ requirements. Charges for regularization of these hook connections (i.e. security deposit, cost of meter etc.) be recovered in easy installments of 12 to 24 months.

The CEO was further directed that an advertisement be made in print media by KESC for information of general public to regularize their hook connections within a period of three months. Hook connections shall be disconnected/ removed after the lapse of stipulated time period and legal proceedings be initiated against the delinquents who do not regularize their hook connections.

Through its direction No. (iv) NEPRA added that no billing shall be made on account of hook connections after three months. KESC shall depute mobile teams to visit the sites and take action on the spot for regularizations of hook connections.

In the light of above, KESC was instructed to proceed in the matter of the subject complain/ case in the light of above directions of the Authority and submit compliance report within 30 days. According to Deputy Registrar NEPRA Mr. Iftikhar Ali Khan all the above orders were conveyed to KESC vide their official letter No. NEPRA/R/TCD-09/2023 dated February 27, 2014 for submission of initial report within one month and final report within three months.

The management of K-Electric is plundering its consumers through fake billing, over-charging and excessive load shedding. The residents of Architects & Engineers Society, Block-8, Gulistan-e-Jauhar in their written complaint to Electric Inspector, Government of Sindh, disclosed that they had erected ten years ago the infrastructure of iron poles and copper wires in the area on self-help basis. The KESC supplied power on Kunda system and was charging monthly bills on average consumption regularly since last ten years. With passage of time the number of consumers was increased but the management of KESC did not enhance the volume of power supply.

At present, there are more than 1200 consumers in the Society but K-Electric has installed only two PMTs of 250 kva in the area. Out of these two, one PMT is reserved for 50 blue-eyed consumers, while the remaining 1150 consumers are attached with the other single PMT. This over-loading has resulted in frequent breakage of wires, tripping of breakers in addition to 8 to 10 hour official load-shedding in the area, which has made the life miserable for all residents in winter and summer both seasons.

Even in these circumstances when power supply timing is not more than 6 to 8 hours daily; people are able to consume 80 to 200 units hardly due to poor voltage, the K-Electric management is charging exaggerated bills of 986 to 1100 units from each consumer, which was the height of plundering the innocent consumers.

On frequent complaints, the Company surveyors after visiting and inspecting the in-house installations confessed that the bills were over-charged but they also replied that K-Electric management would not make any correction/ reduction in the billed amounts on their report.

On the other hand, about six months back the KESC management by holding a camp in Society premises invited applications from the consumers to install regular electric meters by replacing Kundas. During this campaign, the Company promised to enhance number of PMTs, install additional poles and reduce the load-shedding hours. But none of the promise was fulfilled so far.

Instead the Company amazingly, imposed the higher side of meter installation fee that was costing an average of Rs250,000/= from each consumer on different counts. According to one estimate during this campaign the KESC collected a total of about Rs100-million from 400 consumers on account of meter installation fee, which was quite exorbitant. And soon after that the management of KESC was converted into the K-Electric.

Replying to various queries from MOBILE WORLD the affected residents disclosed that the same electric company was charging merely Rs5,000/= even for commercial connection meters in their adjacent Bakhtawar Goth population.

In addition to this, according to a press release by K-Electric published on 21st May 2014, it was announced that the K-Electric have installed more than 500 new meters in the areas of Musharraf Colony, Mauripur, Mawachh Goth Baldia and Mahmoodabad. The residents of these areas were using illegal Kunda connections without paying any bills and were considered as heavy loss areas by the Company. However, the K-Electric Company through its “One Stop Shop” campaign held one window operation for the residents and shopkeepers of those areas completed all the formalities and installed their electric meters for just Rs2,600/= per each.

In view of the above circumstances the residents of the Architects & Engineers Society expressed their concern over the alleged plundering of the innocent consumers by management of K-Electric and appealed to the Electric Inspector to solve this matter judiciously by using his lawful authority.

-Published on page#17 September, 2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine