Deni Carburetor recognized by Domestic & Overseas Customers


Zhanjiang Deni Carburetor Co., Ltd. has mainly specialized in manufacturing and operating all kinds of zinc and aluminum die castings, automobile parts, and carburetors for motorcycle or common use machine, EAFR, and engine control unit.

Since the beginning of its establishment Zhanjiang Deni Carburetor Co., Ltd. has invested more than RMB 500 million in technical renovation and built 20 production lines for production, processing, and assembly of various motorcycle carburetors and automobile parts.

  • In 1995, the company technical renovation project was included in national “Double Plus Projects”.
  • In 1997, the company passed international and domestic ISO 9001 certification.
  • In 2005, the company passed TS16949 quality certification.
  • In 2008, the company realized the sales volume of 7 million pieces of carburetors and become the first enterprise in China whose output and sales exceed 7 million pieces.
  • In 2009, the company passed ISO14001 certification and OHAS18001 certification.

DENI won wide recognition from both domestic and overseas automotive customers since it stepped into auto parts production in 2001. In order to meet the market demand, DENI purchased 13.3 hectares in Zhanjing Mazhang industrial development zone for the construction of a new production base. The construction of the new plant is divided into two phases with a total investment of 480 million Yuan. After completion of the project, the total sales income of auto parts will reach 500 million Yuan.

DENI also purchased 2.6 hectares in the Huadu economic industry development zone of Guangzhou, and its scheduled investment reached 120 million Yuan, roughly estimated to be put into production at the end of 2014.

Through its technical R&D, 80 product and technical development engineering technicians using PRO/E software, are engaged in the products technical development and molds designs of motorcycles and car products, and the data is sent to mold manufacturing by company OA net system, lead time of mold manufacturing is 20-weeks. With chassis dynamometer, engine dynamometer, and vehicle exhaust analyzer DENI is capable of doing calibration experiments for EFI, EAFR, and matching experiments for motor and general gasoline engines.

The R&D is also equipped with different test instruments (Integrated flow test board, vibration test board, high temperature, and low-temperature test chamber, endurance test board, etc.). DENI is capable to test most of the features for both carburetors and auto parts.

Regarding quality warranty;

  • In 1997 the company obtained TUVPS, SQCC, and ISO9001:1994 certification both internationally and domestically.
  • In 2003, the company obtained TUV RHEINLAND ISO9001-2000 certification.
  • In 2005, the company obtained TUV RHEINLAND ISO/TS16949:2002 certification.
  • And In 2009, the company passed ISO14001 certification.    

The company’s Manufacturing Die-casting Workshop is mainly for the die-casting of the zinc alloy carburetor parts. The spanning width of the workshop is 15 meters, the building die-casting machines with the tonnage of 80T, 168T, 250T, and the annual capacity is more than 3,000 tons.

It is mainly for the die-casting of the car parts and the carburetors aluminum alloy bodies. The workshop has a spanning width of 24 meters, building area of 3,000 square meters. Currently, the workshop is equipped with 39 units of cold chamber die-casting machines with tonnages of 160T, 180T, 280T, 300T, 350T, 400T 500T, 800T, and 1650T, with 6,000 tons production capacity per annum.

The company features outstanding mechanical processing capacity and has set up several flexible CNC production lines with 50 sets of advanced processing centers for processing various shapes and sizes of parts. Additionally, the company can process various precise parts with more than 20 numerical machines. Mainly for the production and processing of carburetor, it is 18 meters wide and the building area is 3,500 square meters.

-Published on page#11 August-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine