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Pakistan to export Bullet-Proof cars

Pakistan is likely to enter into lucrative export market of bullet-proof cars as the company manufacturing bullet-proof cars has received export inquiries from Indonesia; this was disclosed by the Managing Director, Toyota Central Motors (TCM), Salim Godil on the eve of 8th Toyota Dream Car Contest held at TCM the other day.

Talking to media at the painting contest, Salim said that his manufacturing plant located in Karachi is already in full production and converting around 25 cars  per month. He said that if Pakistan enters into export arena of bullet-proofing it may prove to be the most lucrative export sector as bullet proofing cost is ranging from Rs4 million to Rs12.8 million depending upon the models and shapes of the vehicles.

He said majority of the customers is interested in bullet-proofing of their 4X4 vehicles which usually costs Rs4 million while cars like Mercedes cost up to Rs12.8 million. Salim said that Pakistan is fully capable in converting vehicles into bullet-proof as the best and number one bullet-proofing company in the world has given franchise to him.

TCM exhibited a locally bullet-proofed 4X4 vehicle on the occasion which was also shown to media. Godil said that at present his manufacturing unit has limited production capacity and if the government formulates a policy to encourage this industry, export of bullet-proof cars may fetch huge foreign exchange to national exchequer.

While replying a question he said  that production of locally assembled cars has dropped to significant level as government has allowed import of second-hand cars. He demanded of the government to impose restrictions on import of second-hand vehicles in order to rescue local automobile industry. Hybrid cars’ future in Pakistan is yet to be cleared as only a limited number of such vehicles have been imported since the government announced to encourage these cars.

He said that unless and until hybrid cars get economical, they may not become popular in Pakistan. Taimur Soori of Indus Valley School of Art and chief of the jury announced the names of the winners of the nationwide contest.

A number of schools from Karachi and upcountry participated in the contest. The winner of the contest would be sent to Japan for global contest to be held there.

-Published on page# 21, March-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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