General Tyre commemorate 50 years in Pakistan


General Tyre has planned to set up a manufacturing plant in the northern area of Pakistan to manufacture some new products, said Lt Gen (Retd) Ali Kuli Khan Khattak, chairman of General Tyre.

Addressing a gathering to commemorate 50-year of General Tyre in Pakistan, he said despite several challenges and tough operating environment local tyre industry has saved foreign exchange through local production and earned the country export revenue. “General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan have contributed around Rs16.5 billion to national exchequer in the last three decades,” he added. “I am sure our dedicated workforce led by their able captain will help me realize my dream of setting up a plant in the north,” he said. Khan said all companies in the group donate 2.5 percent of their profits to Wakf-e-Kuli Khan, a non-profit organization, which provides free education to needy persons.

Chief Executive General Tyre Shahid Hussain said, “Our success does not hinge on doing things in isolation. We have a very good understanding with our equity holder Continental AG and its director on our board Dr. Willi Flamm. Similarly, we have a very good understanding with our other equity partners, including Pak Kuwait Investment Company and National Investment Trust,” he said.

general tyre 50 years-1General Tyre invested Rs500 million in motorcycle tyre production and plant enhancement early this year, he said. The company produces tyres for passenger car, light truck, truck/ bus, tractor, rickshaw, and motorcycle. It has an extensive dealer network across the country. Some 50 percent of its tyres are sold to original equipment manufacturers, carmakers in the country.

  • 1963 – Incorporation by General Tire International Corporation USA
  • 1964 – Production commences with a capacity of 120,000 tyres per annum
  • 1973 – Production capacity enhanced to 240,000 tyres per annum
  • 1977 – General Tire International Corporation sells 90% shares to Bibojee Services
  • 1985 – Major expansion takes the capacity to 600,000 tyres per annum
  • 1987 – Continental Germany takes over General Tire International Corporation and becomes part owner of General Tyre & Rubber Company.
  • General Tyre become vendor to its first OME customer, Pak Suzuki Motor Company
  • 1988 – General Tyre becomes the first company in Pakistan to produce rear farm tyres and introduces first ever farm tyre 12.4/11-28 Power Lug tyre
  • General Tyre produces and exports Formula 3 racing car tyres to UK
  • 1993 – General Tyre becomes the first company in Pakistan to produces Radial Car Tyres
  • Supply begins to Indus Motor Company for new introduced Toyota Corolla
  • 1995 – Supply begins to Honda Atlas Cars for newly introduced Honda Civic
  • 2005 – Second major expansion takes capacity to 1.5 million tyres per annum
  • General Tyre attains ISO9001 certification
  • 2007 – Expansion continues, raising the capacity to 2.1 million tyres per annum
  • 2008 – Introduction of new range of passenger car radial tyres called the EURO Range
  • 2011 – Production of CNG Rickshaw tyres and tubes begins
  • 2012 – General Tyre starts importing truck and bus Radial Tyres from China
  • Production capacity reaches 2.3 million tyres per annum
  • The company produces its 30 million tyres in October
  • 2013 – General Tyre begins manufacturing Motorcycle tyres and tubes

-Published on pages# 14-15 in November-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine