Atlas Honda focus on product for Female Riders


AHL decided to introduce CUB shape motorcycle; it will be very much comfortable and easy to drive for Female Bike Riders in between rupees one lakh plus price range

An exclusive interview with Mr. Tasleem Shuja, Manager Customer Care & Safety, Atlas Honda Ltd.

Atlas Honda is playing a pioneering role in creating conditions for easy and confident use of motorcycles all over the country. A vast and growing network of over 1600 motorcycles Sales, Service and Spare parts dealers has been established. Mr. Tasleem Shuja, Manager Customer Care & Safety disclosed this in his exclusive interview with MOBILE WORLD.

MOBILE WORLD MAGAZINE INTERVIEW Tasleem ShujaHe said; in order to back up this system, Atlas has set up Technical Training Centers in Karachi and Lahore which provide several courses of varying during and complexity for motorcycle mechanics and users each year. In addition to this Mobile training facilities take the latest know-how, technology and maintenance of motorcycles to major rural and urban centers around the country.

Replying to various questions Tasleem Shuja stated that Customer Care & Safety Department was formed in 2003. Tasleem Shuja including other staff members got training for Safety from Japan. In 2004 AHL started Road Safety training project for its 700 plus Service Dealers nationwide.

In 2005 they started FREE OF COST Training Bike Riding & Road Safety for all. To another question he said; in 2006 we started Free Training to all National and Multinational institutions on national level. In 2007 we started Bike Riding & Road Safety training to Punjab Traffic Police, while 6000 Motorcycles were supplied to Punjab Police.

“We held 3 years training without any cost in Police Training Centre Badiyan and Sahala, Rawalpindi. The Female Bike Rider concept was found during Training of Punjab Police”. He further elaborated that Atlas Honda is doing all Road Safety campaigns without any self publicity. At present they are working on Punjab Police Driving Schools formed on Thokar Niaz Baig with 100% investment by Atlas Honda on NONE BUSINESS RETURN POLICY.

Replying to a question about future development he informed that in future AHL plans to take the responsibility for issuance of Learner Driving License through its 5S dealer’s network.

MOBILE WORLD MAGAZINE INTERVIEW Tasleem Shuja-22Tasleem Shuja stated that AHL had conducted a survey in Lahore including some other Districts to know about the interest of Females in Motorcycle Riding. In Lahore they got the result of 63% showing interest in bike riding but demanded compact machine for the drive. Therefore, we have decided to introduce 100% Female Bike Riders, in this regard we have singed MoU with SMILE School of Training.

For this purpose AHL decided to introduce CUB shape motorcycle; it will be very much comfortable and easy to drive for Female Bike Riders in between rupees one lakh plus price range. Our target market is Students Unmarried / Married Working Class Women. It’ll not be a Battery Operated but a Self Start Mechanical product and will be marketed in next 2 years. This is a 4-stroke 100cc or above Displacement product with totally different Technology.

In this regard we have offered couple of models; it depends on the management to take decision about anyone. We are also looking for the Government Policy. The concept of Female Bike Riders will be effective after 3 years, he added.

He further said that we have worked since last 2 years to redesign our existing products. In future AHL will extend its product range in different models. In this regard all safety Gears & Products will be available on AHL 5S dealerships nationwide. We want to explore new market in the country and very much hopeful our society will support us in shaping the future, Tasleem Shuja concluded.

-Published on page# 14 & 15 September-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine