Pakistan is a High Potential Market


An exclusive interview with Mr. Arsalan Pirani, Director, Pirani Group

MOBILE WORLD: How many products so far you have launched?

mobileworldmagazine-arsalan.piraniARSALAN PIRANI: Currently we have a wide range of products which is covering all needs of the market; Two wheelers, Three wheelers, Vans (MPV) seven and eleven seats, Mini trucks, Tractors and Light weight commercial trucks of 2 ton and three ton.

MW: Are you assembling these vehicles in Pakistan or just importing CBUs?

AP: By the grace of Allah Almighty, we started CKD operation of our Light commercial truck since 2009 in collaboration with FAW and Insha Allah will start CKD operation of Mini trucks and MPV’s in March 2013. Our Two wheelers and Three wheelers are already leading the market with the name of “super power” which started its CKD operation in April 2004.

MW: What are the salient features of these vehicles?

AP: When we talk about our Light commercial trucks, we have 2 ton loading capacity truck with 10 feet deck, ideal for all kind of business, then we have 3 ton truck with 14 feet deck with turbo charge engine, ideally suited for intercity and intra city transport. All have good consumption and will help businesses save a lot on their transportation cost. Our Mini trucks are1051cc and available in 8 and 9 feet deck size, the great thing here is that they are EFI petrol engine and have a loading capacity of one ton, so in short you save more and earn more. Our MPVs (multi purpose vans) are in 1100 and 1300cc, they have capacity of seven and 11 seats respectively. The design is elegant and it’s a different class than all the available vehicles in this category. Perfect for family and pick and drop and can also be used for other purposes.

MW: How do you see the prospects of new vehicles in local market?

AP: Pakistan market is a high potential market with good approach and good vehicle support. These vehicles can penetrate the market. Satisfying the customers will be the key here.

MW: Do you find any competitors in these categories?

AP: We do have competitors in these products, but we are sure that our products are far better in quality and selection is also superior than others.

MW: How many dealers you have appointed all over the country?

AP: With the grace of Almighty Allah we have developed 3S dealership network nationwide, have more than 12 dealers all over the country and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

MW: Do you see any export attraction of these vehicles to Afghanistan or any other country?

AP: We do see export potential of our products and planning for export of our products in future. We are already exporting Two and Three wheelers to Afghanistan and many African countries.

MW: Is there any prospect of joint venture with Chinese automobile companies in Pakistan?

AP: There is very good prospect of joint ventures as our group and our principals are working on it, we will share the good news very soon.

MW: Do you have any plan to assemble Chinese cars in Pakistan?

AP: This industry is very vast and we assure car is in our plans but this is a very important subject and we are doing detailed surveys and already working on it.

MW: How do you see the import policy of used cars in Pakistan?

AP: Recently government has taken a good step by restricting the used cars to three years but there is more that could be done by promoting local industry.

-Published on page#11 February-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine