Diamond shines at Pakistan Auto Parts Show


dtl paps-3Diamond Tyres Limited participated in a mega event of Pakistan Auto Parts Show-2013, PAPS, in Karachi. We were given a warm welcome by Company’s senior management including Mr. Muzammil Ejaz Shaffi, CEO alongwith his team Mr. Muhammad Zubair, G.M. Sales After-Market and Mr. Khurram Niazi, G.M. Sales OEM and Exports. Salient features of our discussion are as under:

MOBILE WORLD: Since how many years DIAMOND TYRES is participating as exhibitor in Pakistan Auto Parts Shows (PAPS)?

Muhammad Zubair: This is the second consecutive year DTL has participated in this mega event.

MW: What were the primary motives behind exhibiting this year?

MZ: We came with multiple objectives however focused on generating and enhancing corporate image, brand equity and off course the core activity of business development.

MW: Did you meet your exhibiting objectives?

dtl paps-2MZ: Yes indeed. Industrial giants themselves and their representatives like, Mr. Yunus Dawood, MD DYL Motorcycles Ltd. with Mr. Jawaid Yakoob, Director Marketing, DYL Motorcycles Ltd., Mr. Hirofumi Nagao San, MD, Pak Suzuki Motor Company, Mr. Shakeel Mirza, GM Supply Chain, Atlas Honda Ltd., Mr. Farhan Hanif, Chairman, Crown Group of Companies, Mr. Nadeem Zamir, CEO H. O. Industries were the key visitors of our presentation. The stall was further illuminated with gracious presence of Mr. Iftikhar Nisar, DTL Distributor for Karachi Region, Mr. Munir K. Bana, Chairman, PAAPAM and various representatives from the automobile and vendor industry.

MW: How many other industry events you have attended in Pakistan and abroad?

MZ: So far about 10 including the recent in Kabul, Afghanistan titling “Made in Pakistan Exhibition” which is the first of its kind covering Pakistani industrial products.

MW: How would you compare other industry events to this Show?

dtl paps-1MZ: Undoubtedly it is one of the best events held in Pakistan as there are limited forums in the country to interact directly with B2B and B2C (consumers).

MW: How would you rate the return on investments of your time and money?

MZ: Being a brand equity conscious company, we value it in the same perspective. We have further suggested Mr. Bana to include “Best Stall” award in the upcoming event which again will enhance confidence of the exhibitors and also encourage them.

MW: Would you like to participate again at this event next year?

MZ: Yes and we look forward to further events abroad as well since we received tremendous amount of positive feedback.

-Published on page#12 in January-2013 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine.