OEMs and corporate entities acknowledge Diamond Tyres


Mr. Khurram Niazi, General Manager Sales – OEM & Exports at Diamond Tyres Limited, got IBA Degree from Punjab University and basic education with Cathedral Higher Secondary School, Lahore Cantt. He has 14 years experience in Sales, Marketing and business development in key industries like Automotive, Paints and Banking. Consistently recognized for excellent interpersonal and leadership skills with ability to evaluate market demographics and dynamics, develop and implement strategies in compliance with existing and forecasted competitive, economic and political conditions. Strong analytical and result oriented approach towards problem solving in extreme situations. Good command over business and processes involved with high learning capabilities for improvements. His Specialties are product and service strategy and management. P&L Management, Marketing strategy and planning, Research, analyzing corporate customers and B2B markets, market segmentation and target marketing, positioning, competitive analysis, Managing existing customer base and channels. He has rich experience of working with Kansai Paint (Pvt) Limited, Panther Tyres Ltd. and Faysal Bank Limited.

Diamond Tyres Ltd. is the foremost and renowned tyre manufacturing company of Pakistan serving nationally and globally with immaculate quality products and services for the last 40 years. All major motorcycle OEMs of Pakistan are witness of their commitment towards quality and service. To name few foreign countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, Mozambique and South Africa are feathers in their hat contributing foreign exchange for the country by exports. To expand the horizons of the company, they offer eminent quality of tyres and tubes for all types of vehicles including motorcycles, bicycles, and auto-rickshaw and wheel barrow. They are a technology based company and to make arrangements for any size for customers is certainly not difficult for them. The other sister concerns are: Diamond Foam, Diamond Jumbolon.

MOBILE WORLD: How do you analyze the present tyre market in Pakistan?

Khurram Niazi: The present tyre market is very lucrative and ever growing. During last decade the automotive industry has shown tremendous development engulfing more than 10 million motorcycles, 1.3 million cars and thousands of trucks, buses, farm tractors, jeeps, SUV, LTV and pickups. In addition to it the imported vehicles have also contributed to expansion in overall industry and specially in terms of tyres. Massive demand has resulted in more investment in tyre sector and many large groups are seriously developing infrastructure to launch their products. However, 4 wheel tyre suppliers are still required in the country. This will not only help in saving foreign exchange but also contribute to R & D, education of end users, healthy competition and better quality products locally.

MW: How do you see the impact of tyre import from India after it’s getting the status of MFN from our government?

KN: Like all other industries, we believe in expansion of markets. India is a huge market and quality products always make their own space. A good strategy, competitive prices and exchange rate will play effective role in making our space. Indian tyres for 4 wheels are readily available in the markets and some of them are known to be excellent. For two wheeler industry Indian manufacturers have to work really very hard because the local manufacturers are very sound. Size does matter in tyre industry–the only barricade for both countries and requires massive investment.

MW: In view of the prevailing economic situation are you satisfied with Sales performance of your Company?

KN: We are a growing company and the kind of growth we have captured that has surprised our competitors as well. Various customers, OEM and corporate entities have acknowledged the aggressive approach of DTL enhancing confidence of all stake holders and business partners.

MW: Would you like to highlight some major issues being faced by local tyre manufacturers?

KN: Like all other industries we are also facing energy crises, shortage of skilled labor, heavy taxes, high cost of production and in addition to all these highly unattractive export rebates. Trade barriers for exports and government’s disinterest are also contributing in our problems. We produce commendable quality products but there is no platform which can help us in expanding the global network. Further, the raw materials are imported from various parts of the world. It is estimated that 80-85% of raw materials are imported. This leads us to dependency on the foreign suppliers followed by high fluctuations in exchange rates.

MW: Tyre smuggling has been a major issue since past many years, what is its impact on your industry?

KN: We are into 2 and 3 wheelers at the moment and are not affected by smuggling since it is mainly done in expensive brands and 4 & above wheel segment.

MW: Your Company is involved in production of two and three wheeler tyres only. Do you have any future plan for expansion to four wheeler and heavy duty range of production?

KN: We have just started and gained tremendous results. If the growth is there we will definitely suit ourselves for the next category.

MW: As you have mentioned that Diamond Tyres are being exported to four different countries, is there any scope to add further clients in this list?

KN: Definitely yes. We have received numerous queries and invitations from Europe, South America and Africa. But at the moment it has become hard for us to fulfill the domestic markets. The overwhelming response lead us to expand our capacities but it seems always less.

MW: Afghanistan is a war torn country since last decade, what is the overall performance of our tyre industry in promoting export there?

KN: It is indeed very encouraging and we have strong ties with Afghan buyers. Massive quantities are being exported to our neighboring countries. Our industry is competing several giants there and origins like Iran and India are given tough time there. Needless to mention our quality is far more better than Chinese who are lesser in price and quality as well.

MW: Have your Company ever participated in fairs & exhibitions held abroad or within the country?

KN: Yes we have participated in some of the local exhibitions like PAAPAM. It is a very good platform and we certainly hope that this will lead us internationally as well.

MW: How do you see the future prospects of tyre industry in Pakistan?

KN: The local tyre industry is contributing tremendously. Proven quality and excellent services have been recognized domestically and internationally. It is indeed a pride for countrymen that Pakistan is exporting tyres to various countries of the world including Turkey, Afghanistan, Sudan, Middle East, Africa and European states in huge quantities competing bulk producer countries like China, India and Malaysia.

-Published in MOBILE WORLD Magazine