RATO: The No.1 Exporter from Jiangjin District MOBILE WORLD visits CHONGQING RATO POWER CO., LTD., CHINA


-By Nasir Mahmood, Managing Editor, MOBILE WORLD Magazine

rato-mobileworld-magazine-3Chongqing RATO Power Co., Ltd. is China’s high and new technology institution and the industrial enterprise of ten billion RMB projected by Jiangjin district. Aiming to be the respectable enterprise in its industry, RATO is devoted to professional management of new thermo-power products, providing general-purpose engines, All-Terrain Vehicles, Motorcycles and positioning in the middle and high end markets in North America and Europe etc.

MOBILE WORLD team, while visiting RATO industrial complex watched videos in multimedia conference room and visited the lab building, vehicle production line, general-purpose engine production line, and vehicle test field. During visit, RATO technical officials specifically explained the questions which were raised on the spot.

rato-mobileworld-magazine-4RATO was founded in June, 2007 with total investment of 3.6 billion RMB; it covers an area of 460,000m2. With the philosophy of lean-manufacturing, professional general-purpose engine and All-Terrain vehicle assembly factory, key parts pressing-welding and coating factory, plastic injection and molding factory, and machining factory were built which produce 300 million units of engines and terminals, 300,000 units of motorcycles and ATVs, as well as 1,200,000 vehicle engines annually.

Mr. Liu, Factory Manager and Mr. Chen Zhang, Marketing Manager while briefing about the Company stated that RATO has an international R&D team of more than 300 engineers which can design and develop complete products according to customer requirements and company development needs, and at present RATO has developed its own series products with independent intellectual property. The enterprise has total assets of 1.5 billion Yuan and the total employees of 2,400. Now the enterprise is engaged into the motorcycles and parts, general machinery and parts, automobiles, high-end components for home appliances, logistics and other industries and has the annual sales income of over 5 billion Yuan.

rato-mobileworld-magazine-7By taking the opportunity of the shift from Made in China to Created in China, the enterprise has invested one billion Yuan for creating the New RATO Thermo-motive Base since 2007, which has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Key Construction Projects 2008 and “Double Hundred” Projects of Chongqing’s Industrial Investment 2009. The enterprise plans to invest a total of 3.6 billion Yuan till 2015, until then, the annual sales income will exceed to 10 billion Yuan, forming the production capability of the annual outputs of 800,000 two-wheeler motorcycles, 200,000 three-wheelers, 200,000 four-wheeler recreational vehicles, 3 million universal gasoline engines and associated key components for press-welding, painting, machining, injection molding and others.

The enterprise, having deep cooperation with clients and internationally specialized agencies, constantly launches the products meeting the market demands.

The Company sticks to leading its development by technological innovation; specifically, it invests more than 100 million Yuan in constructing the technology center and equipping with world-class research and development equipment, thus forming the integrated research & development platform with design analysis, engineering production, testing evaluation and technical management. Besides, the enterprise has brought together top technical talents in both China and overseas countries, upheld the way of international cooperation and independent research and development, strengthened the core capability, constantly made breakthroughs and been eager to innovation, thus ensuring the technological level of “RATO” products has always been on the most cutting-edge of the industry in China and keeps the same developing pace with the world.

rato-mobileworld-magazine-2The Company, with the “Product-based and quality-oriented” principle, realizes the quality improvement & control and implements the lean manufacturing from hardware input, supplier management, quality upgrading, and means perfection and others concerned. Besides, the enterprise invests a lot on the introduction of the world’s most advanced production and testing equipment, motorcycle chassis dynamometers, motorcycle emission analyzers, walk-in high and low temperature alternating humid laboratory, digital coordinate analyzer, digital vibration test system, AC electric dynamometer and others, all of which represent the world-class level of testing equipment for motorcycle production, guarantying the constantly high performance and excellent quality of “RATO” products.

Presently, the enterprise has a group of high-quality management team with the team members of excellent learning ability, execution ability, coordination ability and innovation ability. Moreover, the enterprise has fully applied the ERP enterprise resource management, KOA office systems management and NC financial systems management, forming the strong support for popularization of the management information; on the manufacturing management, the enterprise fully implements the mode lean production management; and on the quality management, the enterprise actively implements IS09001: 2008 quality management system, so as to continuously march toward the objective of creating the “first-class team, first-class management, and the first-class culture”

rato-mobileworld-magazine-1The enterprise aims at constantly meeting the market and customer demands with excellent products and perfect services by sticking to the vision of “Being the respected Chinese enterprises in the world-wide industry”, the belief of “Creating ideal and inspiration with heart”, the business philosophy of “Innovation, professionalism, difference” and the sprits of being dare to be the first, and pursuing excellence.

The Company President Mr. Lizhi Min while replying to various queries stated that 2010 was the opening year of the three rapid-developing years for RATO. Under the leadership of company management, all RATO employees got united and made outstanding achievement which mainly included the following three points:

rato-mobileworld-magazine-81. General purpose engine division Department made outstanding achievement. In 2010, it completed the sales of 480 thousands engines, up 350% over the same period last year; the sales of December were even more than 100 thousand engines which made a historic record. More and more international high-end customers had established strategic partnership with RATO and the general purpose engine industry had a new journey of rapid development.

2.  Vehicle Division Department had reached a new record. In 2010, it achieved the sales of 88 thousand ATVs and 130 thousand engines. The export ranking of Vehicle Division Department in Chongqing city had moved up from No.75 to No.20 while its export ranking in Jiangjin district had moved up from No.5 to No.1.

3.  Hengguan Department had got remarkable profits. In 2010, Hengguan achieved 1.9 billion RMB annual income which was the top of RATO. Not only had the management platform was solidified, but also had the products structure been upgraded. These become a critical step for RATO arrangement in the future parts market.

He said; in order to be the respectable enterprise in its industry, RATO has to make a team with “careful consideration, full commitment, devotion to studying, and confidence” which can guarantee the fast development of company and also maintain the harmony and unification of quality and profit, size and speed.

rato-mobileworld-magazine-5President Mr. Lizhi Min providently deemed 2011 as the crucial year for RATO for implementing the spirit of the highest importance for achieving the goals of 2011. Every department should attach their importance to the tasks.

Main Sectors of the Company: 

General-purpose Engine Division Department was established in 2009. To meet the technology development requirements in current general-purpose machinery market, RATO has brought in modern manufacturing and management, implemented general quality management and been certified of ISO/TS16949/2002 Quality Management System, all of which are originated from practice. RATO products have been exported to 80 countries and regions including America, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, and Nigeria, winning high international praise for “made in China.”

Vehicle Division Department is located in shuangfu new zone of Jiangjin district. Vehicle Division Department is devoted to the development, production and sales of new, environment-protective, and energy-saving engines. With total investment of 250 million RMB, Vehicle Division Department covers an area of 120,000M2 including 33,000M2 construction area. Vehicle Division Department has 550 employees including 120 QC technicians, two integrated production lines, 20 numerical control machining centers, and one electrophoretic coating line with production capacity of 800,000 motorcycles, 200,000 motor tricycles and 200,000 four-wheel leisure cars.


Through co-development on 500-650cc high displacement vehicles and independent development on 150-350cc vehicles, RATO ATV make comprehensive progress on key parameters including power, torque, speed, emission, building competition advantages of enterprise distinction in the middle and high end markets in North America and Europe.


RATO 50cc-450cc mini car, cub, SUV, and scoter meet the needs of customers from all levels and make diverse and all-series product lineups.

Vehicle Engine

Except providing power for vehicle industry, RATO aims to develop vehicle power as thermodynamic field industry based on cooperation with international advanced technology R&D platforms. For ATV and UTV power requires low rpm and high torque, RATO is devoted to develop special power for motorcycle, four-wheel car, and motor tricycle with taking its manufacturing advantages in thermodynamic field.

-Published on pages#-9-10-11-12 in December-2011 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine