CIMAMotor: 10th China International Motorcycle Fair Chongqing, China


-Nasir Mahmood, Managing Editor

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The 10th China International Motorcycle Exhibition (CIMAMotor 2011) was held on 13 to 16 October 2011 in Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center. As China’s largest motorcycle trade show, CIMAMotor was founded in 2002, an annual, after nine years of training and development, it has become the world’s major professional exhibition of motorcycles.

Chongqing is called the Motorcycle City of China. The show was sponsored jointly by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, and Chongqing Municipal Government. In recent years the political status of Chongqing, as a major city of inland opening up and reform and the economic center in the upstream of the Yangtze, has been rising fast. Chongqing has the basic requirements to hold world-class exhibitions, and the CIMAMotor has gradually become the weather vane of the Asian motorcycle industry.

CIMAMotorOn 13 October, the Opening Ceremony was welcomed by light rains and celebrated by dozens of Motorcycle enthusiasts’ Riding Activity in the area of Square A. CIMAMotor has become the world’s most important event for commuter motorcycles and one of the largest motorcycle shows in Asia. This year world’s famous Motorcycle Manufacturers’ attended the CIMAMotor 2011, including Honda, Yamaha, Victory, Piaggio, Ducati, MV-Agusta, Haojue, Jialing, Jianshe, Qianjiang, Jincheng, Chunfeng, Qingqi, Zongshen, Loncin and Lifan.

“Better Motorcycle, Better Living” was the subject of the 2011 Forum on Chinese Motorcycle Industry Development of the 10th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition held on 13th October 2011 at Multifunctional hall, Chongqing international convention and exhibition center. It was organized by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Motorcycle Section Chongqing Economy & IT Commission.

CIMAMotorLI BIN, Secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Motorcycle Section was the host while other speakers included Dong Yang, executive vice-president of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Wu Guang, Deputy Director of Chongqing Economy & IT Commission. Toshimitsu SUGAI, member of Motorcycle China Branch, Japan Association of Automobile delivered speech on “Environment design for the use of motorcycles and the traffic security activities of motorcycles in Japan.” Function-based motorcycle management: “The Current Situation and Tendency” was the topic of Chen Xiao Hong, professor of Department of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Tong Ji University.

“The Industry Development and Traffic Management Situation of Motorcycles in Taiwan” was topic of the speech delivered by Huang Wen Fang, the Head of Business Department, Taiwan Association of Automobiles. Doctor Jiang Xi Yang, the president of Greater China Area, Harley Davidson had an interesting presentation on “Happy Everyday Life.” Similarly, to contribute construct “A Harmonious Road Traffic Environment”, a presentation was delivered by Road Traffic Security Committee, China Association of Automobile Motorcycle Branch. In the end there was a Prize-giving Ceremony of The First Motorcycle Road Traffic Safety Poster Competition. In the evening there was a Welcome Banquet and Prize Awarding of CIMAMotor Knights.

CIMAMotorOn second day, Director of the Exhibition Mr. Wang Wei addressing a press conference for Overseas Media members highlighted salient features of the show, about various innovations and statistics of the Chinese motorcycle industry. He also replied to various queries from media members and expressed his gratitude for inviting more participants in CIMAMotor events in coming years. Same afternoon the media party was driven to a beautiful place Jinfo Mountain, situated in Nanchuan District of Chongqing City, near the mysterious north latitude 30 and in the north of Dalou Mountains. It is a mountain holiday resort where media team spent the night. There was a musical show and dinner along with distribution of awards for Miss Motorcycle.

Mr. Wang Wei informed that the exhibition is gaining more international reputation. Some world Top 500 companies of motorcycle parts and accessories such as BASF, TONG YAH Electronic and GIANT SEAL from Taiwan, Whiteland Industries from Pakistan, VEE Rubber from Thailand, Chicken Moto form Hong Kong, Motrrad Berlage from Germany, JECS and NIPPON SEIKI from Japan presented their best products and services during CIMAMotor 2011. In total, the exhibition area reached 60,000 sq. m. this year and there were over 40 whole-vehicles and more than 300 parts and accessories exhibitors, which presented 90% manufacturing capacity of China Motorcycle industry.

CIMAMotorHe added that about 40 concurrent activities were organized, covering almost all types of exhibition activities such as forum, seminars and lectures on technology and marketing, product display, riding activity, distributor meeting, stunt show, motor-cross racing etc. The concurrent activities not only greatly raised the quantity and level of the CIMAMotor 2011, but also boosted the revitalization and development of Chinese Motorcycle industry as the well-deserved largest Chinese motorcycle exhibition.

With the aim to help exhibitor maximize their gains from the exhibition, the organizers had made the plan to invite the high-quality trade visitors and buyers by cooperation with motorcycle manufacturers, media, overseas industrial associations, clubs, overseas agents, and managers of motorcycle markets and exhibition promotion (China Import and Export Fair) etc. The target visitors included foreign buyers, buyers of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), domestic distributors, after market dealer of motorcycle parts and components, clubs, fans, and manager of motorcycle markets etc.

CIMAMotorThe exhibits of the exhibition were divided into motorcycles, motorcycle parts, motorcycle cultural products, motorcycle maintenance supplies and other categories. There were motorcycles, tricycles, snowmobiles, mopeds, gas-powered vehicles, special purpose vehicles, motorcycles engines, chassis, clutch, brakes, shock absorption, tyres, motorcycle clothing, helmets, motorcycle car travel and sporting goods, models, ornaments and other thousands of exhibits on display.

On 15 October, the third day, media team was back to Exhibition Center and later visited the Loncin Motorcycle Factory. There Mr. Stream Tao, Vice Director International Sales, Loncin Industries Ltd., General Purpose Engine Division, not only warmly welcomed the guests and highlighted about various activities and sections of the Company but also let them enjoy the test-drive of various models of Motorcycles, Farm house vehicles and ATVs in Zone B of Loncin Factory. They were also shown various Loncin Power Generator models being exported worldwide.

CIMAMotorIn the evening there was a landmark visit of HongyaCave and dining at the historical place along side Yangtze River in Chongqing.

Chongqing has great manufacturing ability. As the Provisional Capital during the Chinese civil war, Chongqing is an old industrial city with the military industry as its main industry. It has a great deal of military enterprises headed by Chang’an, Jialing and Jianshe. These military enterprises had the greatest technical strength and the most advanced manufacturing abilities at that time, and became key national defense enterprises. It was these military enterprises which shouldered the industrial foundation of Chongqing. During the later military conversion into civilian enterprises period, the manufacturing technologies which used to be military secrets were given away, and begun to be used by civilian enterprises.

CIMAMotorWith the constant development and expansion of these enterprises, Chongqing became an important manufacturing base from an inconveniently located and resource lacking city of mountains. Three specially important conditions were formed: first is the formation of the typical Chongqing manufacturing culture, hard-working and tolerant of hardship; second, Chongqing doesn’t only master the manufacturing technologies, but also train a great batch of technical talents and skilled workers; third is the formation of the great and complete supplying chain which provides exceptionally favorable conditions for the birth and development of Chongqing’s private motorcycle makers, and distances itself from other regions in competitive advantages. Under such environment, it’s very easy to go into the motorcycle manufacturing industry. So Chongqing’s motorcycle industry was once unusually prosperous: with only one production line, and the one continuous line of production and sales system consisting of parts, workers and the market. The motorcycle manufacturing business became a fortune game of competing courage. This also contributed to the birth of many small motorcycle companies in Chongqing.

CIMAMotorAs a whole the CIMAMotor 2011 was a great experience for MOBILE WORLD, successfully organized by its kind and efficient management lead by Director, Mr. Wang Wei, and his team members. International Marketing Promotion Managers; Ms. Rebecca Shi, Ms. Apple Long, and Mr. Zhen Jie Liang (Jay) were the main pillars who dealt very well with affection to assist all members of the overseas media. In addition, the volunteers/translators provided by them like; Ms. Sunny and Ms. Soi extended remarkable assistance for visiting the exhibitors’ stalls and facilitating the professional discussions. Another distinguished feature of this event was the Magnificent Lunch hosted by Ms. Sunny at her beautiful Music Restaurant, which is unforgettable.

-Published on pages# 34, 35, 36 October 2011 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine