GTR enters the advance phase


Chairman General Tyre Company Gen (Retd) Ali Kulli Khan has said that GTR has survived unethical competition from under-invoiced imports and smuggled tyres during 34 years due to commitment and dedication of GTR’s employees who are treated by him as part of family.

He was addressing to the launch of a new world class passenger car tyre “Euro Klass”. He said GTR is a rare corporate entity in the country that can proudly claim to have the most faithful, committed and highly skilled human resource. This, he added, is the key to GTR success.

Chairman GTR said, “Many of our workers have spent more than two decades and many workers have retired after serving GTR for almost 35 years. Literally speaking, there are numerous examples of people, whose entire working span has been with GTR. We have a wide network of dealers who have been with us for more than four decades and now quite a few of them are in their fourth generation of running the dealership.”

The Continental AG representative in GTR board of directors, Dr. Willi Flamm praised the efforts of GTR to make Euro Klass with the help from world’s 4th largest tyre producer Continental AG. Dr. Willi Flamm ranked Euro Klass not only suitable for the Pakistani roads but for the roads across the globe. He said that GTR and Continental AG have lasting relationship between them and GTR has access to all the knowledge, resources and technical assistance of Continental AG which it surely uses extensively.

CEO GTR Shahid Hussain said that in 2005, Indus Motor Company and Honda Atlas Cars asked GTR to develop a world class 15″ tyre that should meet international standards and pass the final testing in Japan. “We accepted that challenge and with Continental’s help, we were able to qualify and our tyre EURO STAR got accepted by Japan,” he said. “That was the beginning of our move towards the modern EURO series of tyres.”

He further explained GTR already has the Euro Star (the pioneer), in 15″ rim , Euro Glide in 13″ rim and Euro Kompact  in 12″ rim as part of this series and today another tyre of this series the  EURO KLASS, a 14″ World class tyre, is being launched for replacement market.  Later this year, he added, GTR plans to introduce more new patterns to add to its range.

He said Euro Klass is a modern design directional tyre, steel belted and tubeless in size 195/65R14 to fit all applications of the older models of Corollas, Civics, Nissan and other imported luxury cars. It has a full cap ply that covers the steel belts, a feature that exists in all our tyres. This feature has been built keeping in mind our road conditions as well as our driving habits. While describing the challenges, CEO GTR said that after spending almost Rs1.5 billion over the past few years, GTR has increased its capacity which helped to increase its market share. He said that this increase has been possible in spite of stiff competition from heavily under invoiced imports as well as from smuggling. Both these economic ills, through which the Government loses billions of rupees each year, are due to our own inefficiencies in systems and controls.

He revealed that under invoiced imports and smuggling accounts for 57 percent local sales of passenger car tyres, 85 percent for light truck tyres and 97 percent for truck and bus tyres in Pakistan, adversely impacting local manufacturing capacities. While the smuggling and under invoicing carries on, the Govt. in view of GTR, is being deprived of approximately Rs7 billion ($80 million) annually on tyres alone in the form of evasion of duties and taxes, he added.

-Published on page#-9-10 March-2011 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine