PAMA affiliated HERO Tractor Farmers have endorsed it


By Iqbal Wajid Azeemi, Brand Manager, Hero Motors Ltd.

Pakistan is an agricultural country. The booming and blooming agriculture sector of Pakistan has risen significantly, due to good crops incurred support to economical stability of farmers.

Though, decade bound unstable political condition has not shed its effect in the life of a common man owing to elevated inflation. Agrarian based economy of Pakistan has given rise to some business sectors like real estate, constructions, communication, automobile & education.

Tractor is an automobile that yield a vital role in the efficient performance of the grower. A high quality Tractor is time-saving and economical to the productivity of the crops.

HERO Russi has appeared a quality tractor. The company HERO Motors Limited based upon its philosophy of customer orientation is offering unique after-sales-service facility all over Pakistan. This offer is fiducially enough to delight the farmers and customers. The company is offering 13 months or 1300 hours (whichever be first) warranty.

HERO Tractor has now affiliated with PAMA. The production of HERO Tractors is state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembling facilities at the plant situated in Hyderabad.  HERO Tractors are also available on subsidiary prices of Government of Pakistan through all commercial and agriculture banks. Moreover, the company is also presenting leasing facility of HERO Tractor to farmers on easy installments.

These are available in three variants, each delivers the unmatched performance according to need of the customer. The three models are HERO 500 Classic which can pull & carry the load of 8 to 9 tons, HERO 500 Deluxe 10 to 12 tons and HERO 500 Dabang 12 to 16 tons. HERO Tractor has efficient fuel consumption as low as 3.25 liter per hour.

The sale of HERO Tractor has grown significantly in a very early age of its development as PAMA has ranked it at top-3 brands of its category.

-Published on page#9 February-2011 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine