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POWER Truck Another Venture of P. M. Auto Industries

The Power Truck is a new venture from M/s: P.M. Auto Industries, Hyderabad. The Company belonging to Pirani Group of Companies already has been successfully manufacturing Euro-F Tractor in the country since last year.

Initially, it has launched two models of Power Truck as per local market standard. These are Model 2.6 Diesel 1 Ton Truck and Model 3.2 Diesel 3 Ton Truck, both in white color. The Company has a technical collaboration with FAW Group from Republic of China, which is the Global Leader in Automobile Manufacturing Industry.

These products were selected after conducting a thorough research and market study. Both products were put into test & trial for a period of over 2 years and after getting market feedback they made necessary changes in the products. Most evident feature is the diesel engines which are very economical and powerful and manufactured according to local market requirements.

Passenger cabin is very spacious and comfortable as compared to other vehicles in its class. These are only couple of features which are highlighted but there are countless other features.

Its fuel consumption ratio is 10km/ litre. The Company has already started production and around 40 units of both models i.e. 1 Ton & 3 Ton capacity are introduced through nationwide dealership network. They have initially planned to provide in 4 colors while further colors scheme will depend on corporate and individual customer’s requirement.

The Manufacturers have started with 40 percent Indigenization of local components and will reach gradually up to 65 percent in a span of 2 years time. Their 3S dealership network will consist of 20 nationwide dealers and in addition to this having 50 authorized workshops and 30 Spare Parts Jobbers.

According to a Company spokesman, Booking of orders will be entertained by authorized dealers and thereafter forwarded to the Company. Deliveries will take place at dealer’s outlets after conducting Pre Delivery Inspection by a qualified technical supervisor of authorized dealer. Frankly speaking it has become a universal fact that in every segment the future is Chinese. You will also witness that recently commercial vehicles in all categories of FAW group have captured a large share in Pakistan market.

“The Market responded very positively and has confidence on FAW products. There is a huge demand in both categories which got to be catered accordingly. Unfortunately in the past some inferior Chinese Vehicles were introduced in Pakistan. But there were few very good Chinese products and they had got a good market response. But due to some internal issues or other problems those companies couldn’t sustain in the market. In near future we will increase our product line and introduce additional features in existing products, the spokesman added.            -Salman Saif

-Published on page#8 January-2011 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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