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Al Haj Faw Motors Inaugurates new Head Office

Al Haj Faw Motors inaugurated its Head Office and 3S Facility, at Zulfiqarabad, Main National Highway, Karachi on 21 January. On this occasion they also handed over the keys of the newly introduced FAW “J5K-200” Prime Movers to M/s. Bilal Associates a very well renowned Logistics Company of Pakistan against their initial order of 80 Prime Movers.

Adil Mohyuddin, Director Marketing & Sales, Al Haj Faw Motors addressing the ceremony said; “We take this opportunity to thank Mr. Shahid Ansari and Mr. Bilal Shahid for their confidence in us. It was gained due to the excellent performance obtained by them from our FAW J5P 330 Prime Movers already in their fleet of vehicles as well as from the good after-sale support, and easy availability of spare parts at very competitive prices provided by us. Bilal Associates have also shown their consent to place further orders for FAW Prime Movers and have planned to gradually replace their complete fleet of existing vehicles of other brands with FAW, which is a great honor for us.”

FAW is China’s No.1 automobile manufacturer. The company was established in 1953.

China FAW Group Corporation, commonly referred to as FAW due to its original name of First Automotive Works, broke ground for its first factory on July 15, 1953. Since then, FAW has been at the forefront of promoting China’s automobile industry. Although FAW began life solely as a truck producer, it later expanded into the light-duty truck and car sector.

At present, FAW’s current production strategies put a heavier emphasis on the production of cars while maintaining their dominant position in the truck industry. FAW has expanded its product line into 6 different categories of vehicles including light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks, cars, buses, and mini-vehicles with total sales in excess of 7 million vehicles. FAW has been able to maintain its leading domestic market position while expanding into new international markets, executing a carefully planned strategy to build a comprehensive global organization.

FAW is proudly poised to become the benchmark for innovation, pleasing the world with the best automobiles and trucks available, Adil Mohyuddin said.

Al Haj FAW Motors the sole distributors of FAW Medium & Heavy duty vehicles in Pakistan is member of Al Haj Group of companies a well renowned name. They initially launched FAW J5P 330 Hp Prime Mover, Dump Truck and Transit Concrete Mixer in 2006 and after the success of J5P models in the market and receiving overwhelming response from the transport sector launched FAW J5M Cargo Trucks and Prime Movers with another very powerful 240 Hp engine.

The J5P 330 and J5M 240 series vehicles are successfully plying in different regions of the country and have become popular among the transporters due to their reliable performance with very low maintenance and fuel cost.

A new J5K 200 model having 200 Hp Euro II engine, with FAW Eaton Gear Box, 15″ Clutch and Radial Tyres has been introduced recently to meet the market demand in the segment of 4×2 Cargo Trucks and Prime Movers with 18 Tons G.V.W and 30 Tons G.C.W respectively.

Adil Mohyuddin further said; “It is also a great pleasure to note that changeover to the new Truck & Prime Mover range has proceeded without disruptions. The customers who have the new Trucks & Prime Movers think their quality is even better than previous models. (Particularly the new J5P 330 Tornado). We have good demand for heavy vehicles in Pakistan, with a sizeable replacement need. Therefore Al Haj FAW Motors foresee good future prospects and expect to take a substantial market share for its range of FAW Trucks & Prime Movers.”

Director Marketing & Sales added that in Pakistan, FAW has achieved the strongest quality image of any brand in the country. Our customers choose FAW because they are seeking quality, an area where FAW sets the standard in its industry. Quality implies a promise of meeting and living up to customer expectations, in order to give its customers reliable transport equipment with a good earning capacity. A long-term philosophy is behind Al Haj FAW Motors successes. Al Haj’s philosophy is based on the following core values:

1. Customer first
2. Respect for the individual
3. Quality and environment

Our focus is on road safety and the environment. I would like to mention that you don’t need to be the biggest to be the best. And we intend to remain the best – in all areas.

-Published on pages# 10 & 11 in February 2010 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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