KAMAZ Worlds’ Renowned Truck in Pakistan


By: Brigadier (Retd) Tariq Khalil, Advisor, Bibojee Services (Pvt) Ltd.

It is now the 3rd year since Bibojee Services (Pvt) Ltd the Ghandhara Group launched 6460 Kamaz Prime Movers in Pakistan. It is a matter of great pride that BSL is pioneer to introduce 6×4 Prime Movers locally assembled in Pakistan. Earlier, transporters had been importing second hand 6×4 vehicles which were sometime even 10 to 15 years old. Understandably these vehicles are cheap but prove to be costly due to fuel consumption and subsequent maintenance cost besides the conversion cost from dumper to Prime Movers.

BSL has always been a pioneer (Ghandhara) in launching and introducing new products. There is a long list from Bedford truck to Nissan Diesel and Kamaz. Kamaz is being assembled at Ghandhara plants with the same quality standards which is the hall-mark of the Ghandhara vehicles. Kamaz is 360 HP work horse capable of carrying 60 ton cargo in containers, general cargo or liquid. Kamaz is approved world wide for the carriage of gasoline and oil products. Ghandara Kamaz is a trend setter and has been followed by other Japanese and Korean brand in 6×4 segment. These brands are much costlier than Kamaz. Kamaz has proved to be the best vehicle, not only in technical superiority but also in low cost, maintenance and fuel consumption in Pakistan market. It has unmatched gradeability. Kamaz vehicles have been carrying cargo up KKH, to China onward to Tajikistan, other central Asian destinations, Afghanistan and even to Russia. It has proved to be equally versatile in sizzling heat over 55C and minus 40 C.

It is important to introduce Kamaz to readers.


Basic Facts

KAMAZ Group of Companies is the largest automobile corporation of the Russian Federation. KAMAZ Inc. ranks 10th among the leading world heavy truck manufacturers and takes 8th place in the world by production volumes of diesel engines.

In January 2007 KAMAZ produced the 1.8 Millionth vehicle since the beginning of production. In February 2008 the 2.5 millionth engine came off the mother assembly in diesel.

The authorized Capital of KAMAZ makes up RUB 35.36 billion. The united production complex of KAMAZ Group of Companies embraces the cycle of truck production – from development, production, assembly of components to marketing of finished products and service maintenance.

There are 13 main technology associated companies located in Naberezhnye Chelny, the Republic of Tatarstan.

KAMAZ Group of Companies includes 96 enterprises among which their concrete Delivery Truck Works”, OAO “NEFAZ” (Neftekamsk) and KAMAZ” (Stavropol). About 59 thousand people work in departments and associated companies. The average wage in the group of organizations of the KAMAZ companies, in 2007 is RUB 13.4 thousand.

The auto giant annually increases sales volume by 20-30%. At the beginning company occupied 29% of the Russian market of trucks of over 14 t GVW produced in Russia or the CIS is a KAMAZ vehicle.

KAMAZ Group of Companies received a net profit in 2006 – RUB 1 Billion 407 million (net profit margin 1.2%) in 2007 – RUB 3 Billion 453 million (net profit margin 3.7%).


KAMAZ Inc. produces a wide range of trucks (over 30 models, more than 212 variant vehicles), trailers, buses, tractors, engines, power units and different tools.

Production capacities of subsidiaries and associated companies since 1 January 2007 produced 71 thousand trucks, 60 thousand power units, 1.5 thousand buses.

KAMAZ traditionally position itself on the market of trucks of 14-40 t GVW. The range of the company’s production has considerably increased. Kamaz introduced an advanced model KAMAZ-5460M (“Stayer”), and master payload vehicles range was extended. Besides, it introduced new vehicles KAMAZ-43255 KAMAZ-43261 and KAMAZ-63505


The product quality system of KAMAZ Inc, corresponds to the requirements International Standard and is approved by the control system certification Register. KAMAZ-740-60-360, KAMAZ-740-61-320 and KAMAZ-740-62-280 engines meet Euro-3/4 international ecological standards, KAMAZ is the only representative which in 2006 received the RF Government Award in the sphere of quality; and the “Russian trade Olympus” award in the nomination “Competitiveness and Quality award.”

Assembly Enterprises

KAMAZ Inc, has got assembly enterprises in Vietnam, Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and in India the plant is in process. Assembly is carried out completely of components delivered from KAMAZ,

In January 2006 KAMAZ Inc. and the American firm Cummins Inc. signed documents of a joint venture Cummins Kama producing engines of the series B. The authorized capital of the enterprise is $20 million in which the shares are equal. The enterprise produce Euro-3 and Euro-4 engines with correspondence with ecological standards implemented in Russia.

In December 2007 KAMAZ Inc. signed an agreement with the company knorr-Bremse Nutzfahrzeuge Gmnh to establish a joint venture Knorr-Bremse Kama assemblies in Naberezhnye Chelny with equal shares of the parties.

On 10 March 2008 Federal Mogul Corporation (USA) and KAMAZ Inc. signed a joint enterprise producing piston assemblies with equal shares authorized capital – Federal Mogul Naberezhnye Chelny.

Advantages of KAMAZ Vehicles

“Easy in maintenance and reliable trucks of high quality with low operation competitive prices:

1.         Meets all customers’ needs;

2.         Wide marketing geography – KAMAZ vehicles operate under any conditions: in he Northern Pole and in tropics, in deserts and high mountain

Bibojee is proud to be associated with Kamaz which has now entered in Joint venture with Mercedes Benz and they have acquired 10 percent share of Kamaz and eventually it may go up to 20 percent. The R&D of the two companies is going to work together thus kamaz quality further taking a leap forward at par with the best European technology.

Bibojee on line products are Kamaz City Bus and Kamaz 6×4 rigid trucks.

Ghandhara (Bibojee) and Kamaz venture has also opened new chapter in the economic relationship between the two countries and it is hoped to make a steady progress.

-Published on pages # 40 & 41 in Septemeber-2009 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine