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Millat enters the Truck segment

Millat Tractors Limited (MTL) is Pakistan’s leading engineering concern in automobile sector, an ISO 9002 certified company is well known for its Assembly Plants of Tractors, Engines, Industrial & Agricultural Products as well as Material Testing and Gauge Control Laboratory.

They are manufacturing Agricultural Tractors under licensing agreement with Massey Ferguson, UK Diesel Engines under licensing agreement with Perkins Engine and UK Forklift Trucks under license from Anhui Heli Forklift Trucks China.

This year MTL has enter into a new project of Light Commercial Truck manufacturing and decided to establish a company as Millat Automobile.

In October this year MTL imported initially 3 different models of Nanjing Light Duty Trucks in CBU condition like;

  • Model B7300407 NA, NanjingNJ 1020 LNJBCDA196L698542, having loading capacity of 800 KG (0.8 ton).
  • Model Y70702782Z NA Nanjing NJ1026, LNJBCDA157L717508, having loading capacity of 1000KG (1.0 ton).
  • Model Y70702781Z NA Nanjing NJ 1028, LNJBEDJ147L717509, having loading capacity of 1500KG (1.5 ton).

According to current market position there are five companies FAW Roma, Hyundai Shehzore, Master Highland, Adam Zabardast and Delta Star who are producing locally while Karakoram Shehenshah trucks are imported in CBU condition. In the presence of these players MTL has planned to join the light commercial truck category. In this regard market source says MTL is the only company who will operate the project from Punjab province, while other companies are assembling their products in southern region of the country.   -Staff Correspondent

-Published on page#-12 November 2007 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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