Land Rover Brand


The Land Rover range of 4×4 vehicles include models like 3 & 5 door station wagon and various other specialized derivatives (including Ambulance, Mobile Workshop & Cranes, Armored / Discreet, Fire Fighting vehicles, etc.) for field operations. Peace keeping forces, emergency services and expeditions across the world put their trust in Land Rover’s name. Because they know it stands for supreme, proven 4×4 design and engineering. From brand values like DEFENDER, RANGE ROVER, DISCOVERY and FREELANDER, Land Rover continues to live beyond the reach of its competition. The world’s most capable, comprehensive range of 4×4’s are in production for over fifty years, and 70% out of those are still on road.

Land Rover & Sigma Motors:

Since early 1994, SIGMA Motors are the Authorized Distributors for Land Rover products in Pakistan. In addition to the diplomatic and corporate market segment, Sigma has provided a large number of Land Rover Defender vehicles to Pakistan Armed Forces, in the last couple of years. All these vehicles are now being used allover Pakistan. In year 2002, as a Landmark, SIGMA started Local Assembly of Land Rover vehicles in Karachi under a contract with DGMP, Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan. The three & five door variants for the civilian market are now being assembled and available in the local market. Currently, the Land Rover Defender Tdi Diesel variants assembled locally are:

Military Variants:

  • Defender 90 GS (Soft Top).
  • Defender 110 (HT Ambulance).
  • Defender 130 (Troop Carrier).
  • Defender 90 & 130 (Weapon Platform)

Commercial Variants:

  • Defender 90 Soft Top 3 door
  • Defender 90 Station Wagon 3 door
  • Defender 110 Station Wagon 5 door

Land Rover Defender:

b<Land Rover is the world’s leading four-wheel drive and Defender is its ultimate off-roader. The design is one of brilliant simplicity, unrivalled strength and legendary ability. That’s why those who demand the most trust Defender. Today, Defender is the product of a controlled revolution an unbeatable combination of Land Rover tradition, proven development and the latest dependable technology. The result is a definitive off road vehicle.

Defender can be both smart and casual, with optional metallic paint and new boost alloy wheels, it makes an impact. Balanced power steering, a commanding driving position and defined classic shape makes easy maneuverability around the town. At leisure, Defender is a machine with real power, ability and charisma and it rides with speed and improved comfort when it’s time to escape. Whatever is the terrain, Defender versatility means no stopping. Explore the off-road routes with confidence, knowing that in Defender, you’ll always get back.

Supreme traction and agility enables Defender to climb and descent steepest of slopes-even in reverse gear. Climb in confidence, knowing your safety is assured by the ultimate combination of power, transmission and braking systems. A wide choice of gearing allows you to power uphill or to crawl efficiently and safely at extreme angles over loose earth.

Efficient engine braking matched to precise transmission, means that descending over a 45-degree angle slope is an easy work for the driver as Defender advances confidently on engine tick over. And when you need to remain stationary, Defender’s powerful handbrake locks the entire transmission train to hold you firm.

Defender has the real putting power whether hauling trailers on and off road, or reeling and positioning with its powerful optional winches. Ground grip and stability is paramount when dealing with loads, and Defender’s stance, traction, grip and dependable power make it the world’s favorite tow vehicle. A ground-gripping handbrake controlling all four wheels makes Defender the ultimate anchorman whether hauling lifeboats from the sea or winching over terrain that would be otherwise impassable for any wheeled vehicle. Defender’s off-road hauling and load controllability was dramatically displayed during the laying of underground pipelines in the Italian Alps. When bulldozers were needed at high altitude, only Defender could haul the machines to the mountain tops and return them down a 3000-meter of 45 degree slopes. Defender is the mobility platform for a huge range of industries including power generation, quarrying, agriculture, oil exploration, forestry and civil engineering. Absolute reliability and toughness means Defender is always ready to work with intensity and durability.

5.1Defender fills all of your requirements from its range of 90, 110 and 130 wheel base variants in Station Wagon, Hard Top, Single or Double Cabin Pickup form, also choice of seating and load capacity. Whatever one asks of Defender, i.e Ambulance, Firefighter, Mobile Workshop, and Hydraulic Platforms etc. Land Rover Special Vehicles Division can create the ultimate off-road vehicle system accordingly.

Defender has the staying power. Over three-quarters of vehicles produced by Land Rover during its over fifty year history are still in service. That’s testimony to legendary durability, sound engineering, ultimate serviceability and unprecedented user satisfaction.

When the going is soft, high underbody clearance allows the wheels to bite through to firm ground. Unsurpassed axle articulations keep all four driving wheels in firm contact over the most severe surface conditions. On road, the transmission’s Central Differential provides the safety of permanent four-wheel drive. Off road, it can be locked for ultimate traction over loose ground, mud. ice and snow.

An evolution of the first 4×4 vehicle design ever, Defender remains first for strength, first for power, first for durability and first for all weather, all terrain capabilities.

The hardest working vehicle in the world is indisputably the Land Rover Defender. Globally Defender is the first choice for Explorers, Rescue Services, Humanitarian & Defence Forces and the rest of the most demanding customers in the world. In the most appalling conditions. Defender pulls the heaviest loads, rides impossible terrain – always powerful, tough and totally reliable. Steep gradients, heavy mud, deep water, ice, rock, desert- Defender thrives on all of them.

No other make of 4×4 in the world is tougher, more agile or more dependable, because no other make has the same steel box section chassis, or the same travel coil spring suspension, or the same class leading 300 Tdi direct injection turbo diesel engine.

There’s a choice of three wheel-bases, five body types and eight seating arrangements. A choice of 2495cc 300 Tdi and 2495cc Td5 Turbo Diesel Engine is available. The Braking System is designed to maximize off-road performance, ensuring the Defender’s steady progress on treacherous inclines and water-logged surfaces as well as on flat, even roads. Defender’s legendary mechanical central differential lock enables maximum traction to be obtained whatever the surface – the Defender will pull you through.

Military Vehicles:

Land Rover’s experience as dedicated 4-wheel drive specialist, supplying hundreds of military customers worldwide is unmatched. The choice is enormous with three wheelbase, a wide range of body styles and range of military options that have been developed with the insight and experience gained from half a century of 4×4 vehicle manufacture.

Defender 90 has the shortest wheelbase and as a result offers extraordinary mobility and outstanding all terrain capabilities.

Defender 110 with its longer wheelbase and improved payload provides increased cargo and crew capabilities and variety of body styles to meet Defence force requirements worldwide.

Defender 130 provides a highly adaptable vehicle platform. The extended chassis length and improved carrying capacity as well as the option of 5 or 6 seats crew cab. Also it caters from command shelters to mobile workshops.

Low Inventory & Maintenance Costs:

A major plus point is the high degree of parts commonality between members of this Land Rover family. This leads to reduce logistics requirements and a reduction in parts inventory.

All three different wheel-bases i.e.; Defender 90,110 & 130 carry similar type of Engines, Steering, Gearbox & 4WD transmission, cooling system, body panels, electrical systems, most of suspension, etc. As such, a limited stock of spare parts can look after a large fleet of Defender vehicles, which greatly reduces the maintenance costs of the operational vehicles and enhance customer’s confidence in the Land  Rover Product.

Warranty and After-Sales:

Land Rover maintains a continuing commitment to its customers that extends far beyond the showroom.  All new Land Rover models purchased through Sigma Motors are backed by a comprehensive year or 20,000kms Mileage (whichever is earlier) Warranty.

To keep the vehicles well maintained, Land Rover trained technicians are equipped with special tools and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Our established dedicated Land Rover workshop is in Islamabad and Dealerships in other major cities like Karachi and Lahore etc.

For any After-sales Service support required in the field area or project site, we have established our ‘Mobile Service Network’, under the supervision of skilled technical staff, to look after the Land Rover vehicles as per manufacturer’s recommendations including the following major tasks concerning the after-sales support:

  • Periodic visits to various cities in Pakistan to support Land Rover Service Dealer network and Land Rover vehicles being used in remote areas.
  • Regular and timely supply of Genuine Land Rover Parts from our established Parts Warehouse in Islamabad, whenever required.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty coverage, where / whenever applicable.
  • Technical Training to end users to maintain vehicles on daily basis and to enhance life time of the vehicle.
  • On-road / off-road Driving Skills Program for end users to ensure proper use of the vehicles in the off-road situation and to get maximum performance of the product.
  • Timely service support to reduce down time of vehicles in the field area

Availability of Spare Parts:

SIGMA carries only 100% Genuine Land Rover Parts with Land Rover’s guarantee of high quality and warranty for one year.

All Parts supplies are managed through our setup in Islamabad warehouse, where we have a large inventory of Genuine Land Rover Parts particularly the everyday running items. However, for customers having fleet of more than 10 vehicles, we recommend to import in advance the Parts Packages for 3 years usage of the vehicle. We have a standard list available with our Service Department to cover such requirements and as such, the customer establishes their own parts inventory to utilise parts where / whenever desired.

All Land Rover Parts are imported from the United Kingdom directly without the involvement of any third party within 2-3 weeks, if not available in our stock.

-Published on pages#-10-11-12 March-2005 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine