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AUTMEX is the first exhibition being held in new calendar year. This is also Pakistan’s first major international automobile exhibition, which will showcase the tremendous progress the domestic automobile and motorbike industry has made in manufacturing international brand of automobiles, motorbikes and its major components. The growing demand of automobiles in the country offers an excellent opportunity for the foreign manufacturers to consider setting up of their assembling plants in Pakistan. Pakistan could become an importing base and trading center for this major industry of the world due to its connectivity with China’s Western region, Afghanistan, CIS countries, Iran and other countries of South Asia, provided the government directs its proper attention. The two and three wheeler industry in Pakistan has its own significance due to buying power of the population and road condition, especially in the interior parts of the country. More than 60% of the population lives in villages and their major means of transportation is motorcycles or three wheelers. The interest taken by the private sector in motorcycle manufacturing could be assessed from the fact that the country has attained the level of 87% indigenization in this field, while prices of local assembled motorcycle were brought down from its previous scale of Rs.70,000/- to the current rate of Rs.40,000/-. The automotive industry registered an overall growth of 63% during last fiscal year, which is the highest growth of any sector during the year in Pakistan. The two-wheeler industry also performed very well by growing more than 40% over the last three years. In the year 2003-04 motorcycle industry showed a visible sign of growth when the total market size achieved a figure of more than 303,000 units. The second largest production was from carmakers that stood at almost 99,000 units. Some of the vendors took the challenging task to develop those parts and components, which were normally produced by OEMs themselves. This growing trend demands a further encouragement from government sector to patronize and facilitate the maximum number of automotive exhibitions in the country. This will attract not only more local investors and more new products in vendor industry but the buyers from foreign countries too.

 -Published on page#-10 January-2005 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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